Best Value Restaurants in Subic - Philippines

Magic Lagoon

For tourists and locale people who do not have ample budget to visit elegant fine dining restaurants in Zambales, they can always dine at Magic Lagoon, which is considered as the first in the top 5 best value restaurants in Subic - Philippines. In this relaxing and accommodating dining place, people do not need to spend thousands of pesos just to have a satisfying, great, and memorable dining experience. For as much as 400 pesos, everyone can already order some of its in-house specialties like Calamares, Grilled Tilapia, and Kare-Kare. Additionally, people can relax inside its premises for the restaurant is known for its cozy ambiance, accommodating staff, as well as efficient services.

Seafront Restaurant

Seafront Restaurant is one of the best value dining places in Subic Philippines for it allows customers to taste various dishes for affordable prices. For less than 400 pesos, people can eat any of the appetizers, viands, and deserts that the restaurant serves. Because it promotes buffet-style of dining, guests can eat different cuisines, including Filipino, international, and American. Additionally, this dining place serves delicious grilled seafood meals to satisfy the cravings of many Filipino travelers who visit the place for relaxation and refreshment.

Mangos Seaside Grill and Restaurant

Another dining place in Subic that is worth a visit is Mangos Seaside Grill and Restaurant. For as low as 150 pesos, customers can already have a relaxing, serene, and great dining experience with their loved ones. Some of the in-house specialties that they can always order are Grilled Prawns, as well as Grilled Porkchops. For those who prefer light meals, the restaurant serves variants of burritos and pastas like Pasta Italiana, and Mexican Style Burrito.

Gerrys Grill and Restaurant

For those who are in search for a restaurant that serves sumptuous Filipino dishes with reasonable prices, they can always dine at Gerrys Grill and Restaurant in Subic Philippines. For the price range of 300 pesos to 500 pesos, customers can already taste some of its in-house specialties like Adobong Seafood Rice, Grilled Buttered Shrimp, and Calamares. When it comes to beverages, the dining place also serves tasty and fresh fruit beverages such as Mango Shake and Buko Shake.

Xtremely Xpresso

When it comes to beverages and light meals, one of the best value restaurants in Subic that guests should consider visiting is Xtremely Xpresso. For as low as 100 pesos, people can already taste some of its delicious beverages like espressos and frappes. Additionally, this coffee shop also serves cookies and pastries that go well with coffees and teas. Aside from these, many tourists also visit Xtremely Xpresso for it offers pastas such as Lasagna, as well as rice meals, which include delectable viands like Chrabroiled Steaks.