Best Value Restaurants in Puerto Princesa - Philippines

Puerto Princesa restaurants provide comfort, relaxation and delicious food while exploring natures beauty. Palawan, being an island, is accessible by air and boat from Manila and Cebu, which makes it a favorite tourist destination.

Here are the Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Puerto Princesa Philippines:

Ka Lui Restaurant

This restaurant is known for its native ambiance, its walls and floors being made of bamboo and wood. A restaurant with a relaxing and at-home atmosphere (guests are asked to leave their footwear upon entering), you will both be amazed at the interiors and the food. The interiors are a creative mix of indigenous materials, adding to the warm and friendly ambiance. Their fruit shakes and seafood specials are mouth watering, and budget friendly, such as sugpo, tanigue and other fishes. Other favorites are guinataang puso ng saging, sinigang na talakitok and ginataang pagi or stingray.

Badjao Seafood Restaurant

Badjao seafood restaurant mixes delectable yet affordable food with a wonderful seaside view. Situated on a lovely white beach, you will surely be given a romantic view of Palawans natural beauty. Badjao Seafront Restaurant serves native Filipino and international cuisines. Crowd favorites are the Lobster and the Squid. Set meals are served with a side dish choice of rice, vegetables and French fries are chosen from chicken, beef and fish as main course. The restaurant has a nature-inspired entrance, the wooden walkway being covered with trees.

Bilao at Palayok Seafood and Native Restaurant

Bilao at Palayok Seafood and Native Restaurant is a favorite restaurant in Palawan and offers the classic Filipino dining experience as it has a country-style ambience complete with bamboo cottages. Guests can sit inside the cottages for a more private setting and enjoy Palawans cool, fresh air while feasting on grilled Filipino dishes, which consitsts mostly of pork, seafood and chicken. This restaurant is a perfect ambience for family and friends who want to experience a country-style dining at affordable rates. The place is located at 353 in Rizal Avenue at Puerto Princesa.

Café Arturo

Café Arturo is a family-owned restaurant that serves international and Filipino dishes. Crowd favorites are lobster thermidore and crab cooked with butter and garlic sauce. Café Arturo is found at Mahogany Drive in San Jose, Puerto Princesa.

The Lotus Garden Asian restaurant

The Lotus garden is found at 371 Rizal Avenue in Puerto Princesa City and offers people a relaxing dining facility where they can enjoy exquisite, delectable, and sumptuous Asian delicacies. House specialties include Vegetarian Thai Curry, Sweet and Sour Pork, Chicken Satay, Beef Spareribs in Thai Curry Sauce and Curried Shrimp Gourmet Saladall coming with a reasonable price!