Best Value Restaurants in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Hemingway Bar and Restaurant

One of the most favorite dining places that tourists like to visit in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Hemingway Bar and Restaurant is known for its affordable and delectable specialties. People can choose from several types of cuisines that the restaurant serves like Italian, Spanish, and Caribbean. For the price range of 150 pesos to 300 pesos, customers can feast at some of the in-house specialties like Paella. Meanwhile, to accommodate people who prefer light meals, the restaurant serves pastas and sandwiches.

McRoms Bar and Sizzling House

A relaxing and popular restaurant in the island, McRoms Bar and Sizzling House takes the second spot in the top 5 best value restaurants in Puerto Galera Philippines. In terms of appetizers or starters, customers can try delectable mashed potatoes. Meanwhile, for main courses, the dining place takes pride in its sumptuous in-house specialties such as Buttered Fish in Lemon Sauce Served in Hot Plate. This place is hailed as a best value restaurant because for only 250 pesos, customers can have a wonderful and relaxing dining experience at McRoms Bar and Sizzling House.

Captn Greggs

Another best value restaurant that is worth a visit in the Island of Puerto Galera is Captn Greggs. Known for its scrumptious international dishes, this dining place makes sure that people will have a delectable meal for affordable price. For breakfast, this restaurant offers American Breakfast, Australian Breakfast, and Filipino Breakfast. Some of the dishes in this place are steamed, so those who are conscious about their diet can still have a wonderful dining experience at Captn Greggs for as low as 200 pesos per meal.

Tropicana Restaurant

Tropicana Restaurant is a dining place in Puerto Galera Philippines that takes pride in its casual but cheerful ambiance. This is a best value restaurant in the island for it serves unique but tasty dishes for as low as 150 pesos. One of the in-house specialties that people should try at Tropicana Restaurant is its Mixed Seafood viand. When it comes to deserts, customers will not be disappointed for there are mouth-watering yogurts and fruit pies available at the restaurant.

Sunshine Coast Restaurant and Bar

Primarily popular for its sumptuous international dishes, Sunshine Coast Restaurant and Bar is recognized as fifth in the top 5 best value restaurants in Puerto Galera Philippines. With its cozy ambiance, stylish interior design, and relaxing atmosphere, customers can surely unwind while eating their favorite meals in this place. However, for those who want to visit this restaurant, it is important that they have prior knowledge on the type of cuisine that it will offer on the day they plan to dine at the place since cuisines vary at Sunshine Coast Restaurant and Bar. For instance, for Wednesday nights, this dining place only serves Japanese dishes, while for Thursdays, it only offers Greek meals.