Best Value Restaurants in Manila - Philippines

There are many amazing things about the Philippines. But if you are a foodie, were sure you would love to read how the countless restaurants spread around the country are designed not just to please the palate but all your other senses as well. Here we line up the top 5 best value restaurants in Manila Philippines to give you a quick guide on what to expect and where to go for pure gastronomic pleasure!

Tokyo Tokyo

No wonder, the Philippines has a wide range of inspirations from cuisines around the world. That is why a lot of its restaurants are inspired by foreign taste. Although Tokyo Tokyo boasts of that authentic Japanese fare, you cannot deny that it is created perfectly for Filipino foodies. Why? For the most part, this modern, laid back restaurant offers unlimited rice. FYI: rice is a staple in Filipino meals. Aside from that bottomless rice factor, the variety of food offered in Tokyo Tokyo sure makes it reasonable enough to land on the top 5 best value restaurants in Manila Philippines list. There are tempuras, tonkatsus, gyozas, sushis, and sashimis among others. Yum!


Bravo is another foreign themed restaurant that can be found in Manila. Filipinos just love the taste of Italian food. That is why you will most likely find an Italian restaurant anywhere you go in Manila and Bravo is just one of them. Unlike the others, however, Bravo stands out for its sophisticated yet affordable principle. The interiors of the restaurant are remarkable. As you go through the menu, you will discover great tasting Italian meals that are reasonably priced so you will not feel guilty at all about spending. As affordable a full meal at Bravo could be, you can even sip your favorite wine with. Seeing Bravo for yourself would give you the best idea why it has been appearing in numerous restaurant reviews including a top four ranking in this top 5 best value restaurants in Manila Philippines list.

Tropical Forest

You know it, the Philippines is a tropical haven. It is but usual, therefore, to find a restaurant such as Tropical Forest. But no, a restaurant like this is not too many so you must treasure this as much as you can. Tropical Forest is a very uniquely themed restaurant offering Western recipes that were given the Filipino twist. If the salads, pastas, pizzas, and steaks are notable for their amazing flavor, the restaurant setting cannot be left behind. The opportunity to dine while watching over the sunset is priceless. Thats what this third most amazing restaurant in our top 5 best value restaurants in Manila Philippines list has to offer.

Harbor View

A cruise on Manila Bay is very interesting, especially if it comes with good food (authentic Filipino cuisine at that!) Harbor View lets you not just a sneak peek but a full view of how a Filipino dining area must look like complete with sizzling delectable dishes. Nilasing na Hipon and Crispy Pata are among the top sellers in Harbor View. See for yourself why. Clue: They are partly the reason we have put this place at the second spot of our top 5 best value restaurants in Manila Philippines list.


Philippine dining is never limited. The dining table is always overflowing with good food and good conversations. Thats what you will get and more when you dine at Kamayan Restaurant. This place offers a hefty variety of Filipino and Continental dishes in an eat-all-you-can concept. You can have as much as you eat for the same price everybody is paying. For that reason alone, Kamayan is undoubtedly at the number one spot of our top 5 best value restaurants in Manila Philippines list.