Best Value Restaurants in Makati - Philippines

There are a number of good restaurants in the area of Makati. However, there are five that could be considered the best ones with regards to value and quality for the money. The Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Makati Philippines are listed below.

Cyma Greek Taverna

First on the list for top 5 best value restaurants in Makati Philippines would be Cyma. Cyma restaurant is an authentic Greek restaurant with one of its branches located at Greenbelt 2 in Makati. One is definitely not going to be disappointed with the freshness and flavour of the restaurants authentic Greek cuisine. It is probably the only one of its kind in the whole of the Philippines with a professionally trained chef that prepares food with authentic Greek flavours. The recommended specialty of the house would include their scrumptious and very richly flavoured Spinach and artichoke fondue which is always served hot on ones dinner table and can be shared by the rest of ones company. Another favourite would be their mouth watering lamb ribs dish which is usually served with baked potatos and lemon whose juices are squeezed on the ribs. Salads are generally very well prepared and very good on the palette as it possesses an abundance of ingredients like butterfly pasta or farfalla, along with a number of herbs, and a nice mixture of olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Gastoffs Restaurant

Gastoffs restaurant would be second on the list for the Top 5 best value restaurants in Makati Philippines as they give their customers a good sized serving of barbecued spare ribs that is good enough for two people for as low as five hundred pesos. Their specialty ribs are cooked perfectly because they simply begin to fall off the bone when you bite into the meat, unlike other spare ribs that are tough to bite in to. A selection of salads with a salad dressing of ones choice, not to mention rice are also served to go along with the ribs. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Avenue Mall along Makati Avenue.

Texas Grill Restaurant

The third restaurant on the list of Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Makati Philippines would be the new Texas Grill Restaurant which is also located at the second floor of the Avenue Mall, fronting the Great Eastern Hotel. The restaurant which serves a wide array of American-style cuisine like grilled chicken, spare ribs and burgers is in a very convenient position for most clients that temporarily reside at the hotel fronting it. The restaurant has a bar and a grill. It also has an open area or terrace area to enable guests to sit outside and smoke their cigarettes or cigars comfortably. Food is excellent and the servings are abundant, making it excellent value for the money one spends there.

Barrio Fiesta

Fancy some authentic Filipino cuisine with the entire family? Then Barrio Fiesta may be the best place for an authentic Philippine experience as they serve local favourites like Sinigang or Tamarind Soup, Crispy Pata, Bulalo, Lechon, and many others, making it another choice for Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Makati - Philippines. Prices are very affordable and the food servings are perfect for the entire family to share. The restaurant is located at Makati Avenue corner Valdez Street.

Gerrys Grill

Gerrys Grill which is located at Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati is our fifth choice on the list of Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Makati Philippines as it provides fresh, good food for everyone be it food for the whole family or for a group of friends or even office mates. This would be the place to go. Their menu would include a choice of grilled seafoods, baked mussels and scallops, calamares, crispy pata, grilled chicken, a choice of various Japanese dishes like sashimi, sizzling steaks you name it and it shall be served on your platter because they have almost everything! Apart from the wide range of choices of cuisine, this restaurant is also very affordable and easy on ones pocket.