Best Value Restaurants in Laoag - Philippines

Max's Restaurant Laoag

For those who are in search for a restaurant that features a serene ambiance, accommodating staff, and delectable dishes, the best value dining place that they should visit in Laoag Philippines is Maxs Restaurant. Known for its expertise in serving authentic Filipino meals, this restaurant serves set meals for as low as 120 pesos, which include a delicious viand such as Fried Chicken, Sinigan na Hipon, and Chopsuey. Other delicious dishes that people can order at Maxs Restaurant are Bicol Express, Sweet and Sour Pork, as well as Crispy Pata.

Macys Diner

Second in the top 5 best value restaurants in Laoag Philippines, Macys Diner takes pride in the affordable and delicious meals that it serves to all of its customers. With a theme of a typical American diner, people can surely have a unique and memorable dining experience at Macys Diner. Some of the in-house specialties that people should order are Kare-Kare, Bopis, and Tapa. The price range of meals at this dining place are 100 pesos to 200 pesos, so people have nothing to worry about their budget when they dine at this restaurant.

Ravandens Grill and Catering

Another best value restaurant in Laoag Philippines that is worth a visit is Ravandens Grill and Catering. With its expertise in preparing and serving Filipino dishes, there is no doubt that many tourists spend time dining in this restaurant. For less than 100 pesos, people can already have a satisfying meal at Ravandens Grill, which usually include tasty viands like Pinaputok na Tilapia, Pork Sisig, as well as Sizzling Chicken with Gravy. Additionally, the restaurant has an outdoor dining area for those who want to have a casual and refreshing dining experience.

Sansus Chinese Foods

Considered fourth in the top 5 best value restaurants in Laoag Philippines, Sansus Chinese Foods takes pride in the super delicious and great-tasting Chinese dishes that it offers to everyone. Starting from 200 pesos, people can already have a sumptuous and delectable meal at this restaurant. Customers can choose from different mouth-watering viands available in the place such as Crab Meat, Fried Chicken, and Chopsuey. Additionally, to satisfy the cravings of customers for seafood dishes, Sansus Chinese Foods serve meals that include grilled seafood viands.

Saramsam Café

One of the most famous, interesting, and inviting dining places in Laoag that tourists should visit is Saramsam Café. For only 200 pesos, they can already have an enjoyable meal, which feature delicious viands such as Higado, Pinakbet, and Dinakdan. Meanwhile, to accommodate people who like to eat light meals, Saramsam Café is also proud to serve mouth-watering pasta dishes like Pasta Saramsam and Puttanesca. With its tasty dishes and cozy ambiance, there is no doubt that Saramsam Café ranks fifth in the top 5 best value restaurant in Laoag Philippines.