Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Cebu - Philippines

Yakiniku Tajimaya Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Located right at Crossroads Mall within the area of Banilad in Cebu City, Yakiniku Tajimaya Authentic Japanese Restaurant serves exquisitely delicious food and drinks that are guaranteed to satisfy even all the hard-to-please food critics out there. True to its name, this restaurant serves nothing but authentic Japanese cuisine, which separates it from the other dining facilities. Its specialties include the sweet-tasting Wagyuu Karubi, the raw Yukke Sashi, and the tender Jyu Karubi. As part of its extensive menu, Japanese customers love to eat the bitter-tasting Reba, the healthy Tajimaya Fresh Salad, and Potato Salad with spicy Wasabi. Food prices range from as low as 85 pesos to as much as 550 pesos for other in-house specialties.

Kagura Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Situated at Barangay Banilad within Mandaue City in Cebu, Kagura Authentic Japanese Restaurant is another one of those highly successful Japanese-inspired food enterprises in the area. It serves an assortment of tasty Japanese cuisine including different types of grilled delicacies such as Gindara Shioyaki, Sunagimo Yaki, and Jidori Momoyaki. For those who crave for palatable rice-food, they can order Katsu Curry Rice, Ochazuke, and Miso Yaki Onigiri. Meanwhile, sashimi is available in different flavors including Jhou Sashimi Moriawase, Ika Uni Sashimi, and Lapu Lapu Usu Tsukuri. In terms of prices, customers can avail some dishes for only 85 pesos, while the more expensive varieties can reach up to 650 pesos.

AA Barbeque and Grill

From its name, it is quite obvious that AA Barbeque and Grill specializes in grilled delicacies, barbeques in particular. Also situated right within Mandaue City in Cebu, the place serves different kinds of grilled dishes including fish, chicken, and pork. To make things more interesting, various types of refreshing drinks are also served including soft drinks, beers, and juices. The restaurant staff is relatively friendly and courteous, making the place more inviting for foreign and local tourists as well.

Crystal Palace Restaurant

For people who love Chinese food, Crystal Palace Restaurant is definitely the right place to visit. Located along Old Banilad Road in Cebu City, this dining facility serves super tasty in-house specialties including Shredded Beef with Green Pepper, Sweet and Sour Pork, as well as Sizzling King Prawns. Other enticing delicacies are Diced Chicken with Dry Red Pepper, Fried Prawns in Chili Sauce, and Shark Fin with Crab Meat. Average food prices inside this establishment are set from 500 pesos to 700 pesos.

Olio Steak and Seafood Restaurant

For flavor-rich and tender steaks, people can go to Olio Steak and Seafood Restaurant at Crossroads Mall within Banilad in the City of Cebu, which owns the fifth spot in the Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Cebu - Philippines. In addition to steaks, this premier restaurant also serves special seafood treats including shellfish, oysters, and different types of fish. Open seven-days a week, its customers can enjoy 7-course meals for as little as 2,000 pesos each, inclusive of wine, dessert, and main course. For the main course, customers can choose from lamb, beef tenderloin, and scallops.