Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Cagayan de Oro - Philippines

Peking House

One of the stylish and famous restaurants inside Gaisano Mall in Cagayan de Oro, Peking House is known for its expertise in preparing and serving Chinese dishes. What makes this restaurant a best value place is its buffet-style of dining. By allocating 180 pesos as their budgets, people can already have a wonderful dining experience and feast at any appetizer, main course, and desert available at the buffet table of Peking House. Some of the specialties of the restaurant are Fried Chicken, Pansit, and Lumpiang Shanghai.

Consuelos Steakhouse

Another restaurant in Cagayan de Oro that promotes buffet-style of dining is Consuelos Steakhouse. This dining place is popular for its specialization in preparing and serving Filipino dishes. In addition, the price of eat-all-you-can type of dining in this place is more affordable when compared to other restaurants in the city. Three of the most favorite dishes in this restaurant are Sinigang, Pork Steak, and Fried Chicken. By allotting at least 200 pesos for their food budget, tourists can surely have a great dining experience at Consuelos Steakhouse.

Bigbys Café and Restaurant

The inviting and cozy restaurant Bigbys Café takes the third spot in the top 5 best value restaurants in Cagayan de Oro Philippines. For those who prefer Filipino and international dishes, this is one of the best places to visit in the city. Aside from its affordable meals, the restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere and the dining area is always clean. In terms of appetizers, people can order Aloha Wedgie Crunch, Bermuda Triangle Salad, and Cream of Squash. For the main course, the restaurant takes pride in its in-house specialties, which include Madras Chicken Curry, Racka Bye Baby, and Roast Beef Down Under. Average price of complete meals at this place is only 200 pesos.

Sunburst Fried Chicken

A fast food franchise that is gaining popularity in some of the provinces in southern Philippines, Sunburst Fried Chicken is known for its expertise in serving crispy, mouth-watering, and juicy fried chicken. Average cost of rice meal at this restaurant is only 90 pesos, which makes it more luring to those who like Filipino dishes. Three of the must-try dishes in Sunburst aside from Fried Chicken are Crispy Chicken Skin, Lasagna, and Spaghetti.

Only in Cagayan

A restaurant that specializes in seafood dishes, Only in Cagayan offers affordable and delectable meals to everyone. Some of the most-ordered dishes in this place are Tuna Sashimi, Sizzling Squid, and Grille Stuffed Tilapia. For those who crave for native Filipino dishes, they can try the Native Cebu Style Lechon at Only in Cagayan for only 380 pesos per kilo. For only 150 pesos, customers will already have a satisfying and full rice meal at this relaxing dining place.