Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Butuan - Philippines

Budget Foods Restaurant

Hailed as one of the inviting dining places that offers sumptuous and affordable foods to everyone, Budget Foods Restaurant is located along Montilla Boulevard in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. With its expertise in preparing authentic and native Filipino dishes, many people frequently visit the place. Sizzling Sisig, Fried Chicken, and Sinigang are some of the must-try dishes at Budget Foods Restaurant. By allotting less than 100 pesos, individuals can already feast at a complete and scrumptious meal in this dining place.

Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora

A simple but popular dining place in Butuan Philippines, Lutong Bahay ni Aling Cora offers some of the best and most delectable Filipino dishes in the city. People who will dine at this place will get the best value for their money since for as low as 100 pesos, they can already taste several of the viands available at this place. Three of the most favorite dishes in this place are Pork Sisig, Sinigang, and Bicol Express. For vegetarians, this restaurant also serves Pinakbet and Chopsuey. For the convenience of all its loyal customers, Lutong Bahay in Aling Cora has two branches in the city.


A renowned and relaxing fast food chain, Jollibee takes the third position in the top 5 best value restaurants in Butuan Philippines. For only 39 pesos, people can order any of the rice meals at the dining place that includes Lumpiang Shanghai, Burger Steak, and a plain rice. Meanwhile, for those who crave for the famous Chickenjoy, there is a value meal, which include this viand for as low as 80 pesos.


One of the dining places that people who crave for pastas and pizzas should visit in Butuan is Greenwich. Like Jollibee, this restaurant offers value meals for affordable prices. Some of the value meals include an appetizer, main course, and a desert. Three of the available dishes at Greenwich that people should try are Overload Pizza, Lasagna, and Baked Macaroni. Additionally, this restaurant offers affordable fruit shake for the refreshment of all its guests. By allocating at least 100 pesos, customers can surely have a wonderful and great dining experience at Greenwich Butuan.


Another fast food place in Butuan City that offers value meals is McDonalds. One of the best value sets that this restaurant serves is the Crispy Chicken Strips Meal that people can order for only 50 pesos. Meanwhile, for customers who like burgers, they can order any of the following meals, which include, regular French fries and regular softdrinks; Burger McDo Meal, Cheeseburger Meal, Big Mac Meal, Crispy Chicken Meal, and Quarter Pounder Meal. For desert, people can order tasty sundaes, as well as the famous apple pie at the fast food chain.