Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay is the leading tourist destination in the Philippines. Many beach loves go to this island to feel like they are in the paradise. Boracay is an island where many events happen. There are so many things you can do in Boracay like water sports and island hopping. The accommodation and place to dine in is not a problem in this island because there are several hotels and restaurants all over the island. There are several restaurants with varying food prices. There are restaurants that offer international dishes and local food. The hotels also have their own restaurants which also offer different cuisines.

Aria Boracay Restaurant

This restaurant is in the DMall of the La Rotunda in Boracay. This restaurant offers Italian dishes with the contemporary appeal. The restaurant has a huge sign board which says Cucina Italia Aria Boracay. The ambiance in this restaurant is not so classic Italian however. The style is very modern. They serve several salads, pastas, antipastis and dishes with meats. They also have other dishes. They also offer four kinds of a set meal every month. This restaurant specializes in different kinds of pizzas baked in the Italian traditional oven which is all made of wood. The prices of the food are not so expensive. You can call and inquire them at +63 36 288 5573.

Fridays Boracay

This is a restaurant situated in the White Beachs northern part. This is a famous restaurant. This is an ideal place where lovers dine. This restaurant offers several dishes coming from Italy, Asia and France. They also have a good selection of good wines. They also offer tasty appetizers. They offer buffet meals every Friday and Sunday. The prices of the food can be expensive but they serve food in huge portions.

Chez de Paris Restaurant

This is a restaurant in the resort called De Paris Boracay. It was established in 1984. It is also known as one of the first restaurants in the island. They serve Asian, Thai, Filipino and French dishes. The people who frequent this restaurant like ordering their sashimi, lobster, pastas and pizzas. They specialize in Sauerkraut and Couscous. They offer food in a la cart and in set meals which is value for the money. This is situated in the front of the station two beaches. They also have their own resort and hotel. The prices of the food range from average to very expensive.

Pikoys Restaurant

This is a restaurant located near the pool of the resort called Sea Wind in Boracay. They offer seafood and they are popular for their appetizers as well. They suggest the guests trying their Ceviche and Beef Salpicao which are tenderloin cubes cooked with paprika and some garlic. They also serve Filipino dishes and some dishes from other countries. They also have their own bar. The rates of the dishes range from the average to expensive. The Sea Wind resort is in the northern area of the island. You may inquire through their telephone number 036 288 3091.

Steakhouse Restaurant Boracay

This is a restaurant famous for Swiss style of service. This restaurant is considered to be a fine dining restaurant. This can be found in the southern part of Station one. The tables in this restaurant are covered with yellow cloths. It also has a terrace where you can dine with the fresh breeze of the sea. They offer different steaks, sausages, spaghetti, salads and Schnitzels. They also specialize in Hungarian dishes. The steaks they offer are rump-steaks, rib-eye steaks, T-bone steaks and Sirloins. They also offer good choices of different wines. They are also popular for their espresso coffee and cappuccino. For a person to enjoy the food here you must have at least three hundred pesos.