Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Bohol - Philippines

Lobocs Floating Restaurants

A popular tourist destination in the province of Bohol, Lobocs Floating Restaurants take the first spot in the top 5 best value restaurants in Bohol Philippines. What makes this dining place best value because for only 300 pesos for adults, travelers can already have a memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable buffet-style dining experience at Lobocs Floating Restaurants. Aside from tasting the delectable Filipino dishes, people can already have fun for they can have a refreshing view on the various attractive sites in Bohol. Additionally, talented singers serenade guests in the boat while they enjoy their meals.

Cion Virge Café and Restaurant

Another best value restaurant in Bohol Philippines that is renowned for its sumptuous Filipino meals is Cion Virge Café and Restaurant. For only 200 pesos, tourists can already have a tasty meal at this dining place. Besides the delectable sandwiches available in the restaurant, it also offers rice meals, which normally include delicious and authentic Filipino viand like Calamares, Pork Adobo, as well as Sinigang na Baboy. Located within Airport Compound in Tagbilaran City Cion Virge Café and Restaurant is very accessible to various establishments in the place like Casa Juana Lodging House.

JJs Seafood Village

One of the inviting restaurants in Bohol that is popular for its mouth-watering seafood dishes, JJs Seafood Village also takes pride in its refreshing atmosphere and relaxing ambiance. For those who are new to this dining place, they can always order some of its in-house specialties like Blue Marlin Steak, Steamed Crabs, and Kinilaw na Isda. For the price range of 100 pesos to 300 pesos, people can already have a satisfying dining experience at JJs Seafood Village.

Trudis Place

This casual dining restaurant is hailed as one of the top 5 restaurants in Bohol Philippines because for as low as 160 pesos, customers can already have a tasty, enjoyable, and scrumptious meal at Trudis Place. Because of its expertise in serving Filipino and European cuisines, most tourists in the province consider visiting this dining place. Additionally, this place has a relaxing view of Panglao Beach, which makes it more attractive to foreigners, as well as Filipino travelers.

Garden Café

For customers who crave for American dishes, they can dine at one of the most famous restaurants in Bohol, Garden Café. With its comfortable atmosphere, people can surely have time to relax and experience luxury inside the premises of the dining place. For appetizer, customers should try the famous Chicken Quesadilla for less than 50 pesos. In terms of main courses, Garden Café serves different kinds of steaks for as low as 150 pesos. Hence, for individuals who want to eat American meals in a garden setting, one of the places to consider in Bohol is Garden Café.