Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Bicol - Philippines

Coco Leaf

One of the most visited and popular restaurant in Bicol, Coco Leaf is located within the vicinity of Camarines Sur. This dining place takes pride in the excellent and first-rate international dishes that it prepares and serves to all of its customers. Some of the must-have dishes at Coco Leaf are Sashimi, Chap Chae Glass Noodles with Sesame Seed, as well as Bulgogi. Meanwhile, for customers who crave for authentic dishes, they can have a satisfying meal at this place by trying the all-time favorites Kare-Kareng Dagat, Fresh Lumpia, and Sinigang na Baboy.

Maki Yaki

Second in the top 5 best value restaurants in Bicol Philippines is Maki Yaki. This dining place is very attractive to those who prefer to eat Japanese dishes. It is a best value restaurant because aside from the delectable and affordable meals, the restaurant also offers a relaxing and cozy ambiance to all its guests. Additionally, the staff at the dining place are very accommodating and friendly. Hence, some of the specialties in the house that people should try are Kani Salad, Mixed Sushi, and California Temaki. Another must-try dish that is available at the restaurant is Tekkadon.

Maxs Restaurant

A popular and best value restaurant in Bicol Philippines that specializes in Filipino cuisine, Maxs Restaurant offers tasty and satisfying meals to everyone. When it comes to main courses, people should try the in-house specialties, namely Crispy Pata, Rubys Favorite Kare-Kare, and Maxs Fried Chicken. For starters, people should try its Lumpiang Ubod, as well as Macaroni Salad. To have a satisfying dining experience, the dining place serves deserts like ice creams and salads. For only 200 pesos, guests can already have a wonderful dining experience at Maxs Restaurant.

Chili Peppers

Another restaurant in the province that specializes in Filipino dishes is Chili Peppers. Aside from the delectable Filipino viands like Crispy Pata Dagat and Fried Tuna, this dining place also serves contemporary and American dishes such as Grilled Pork Topped with Hickory Barbecue Sauce, as well as Fried Beef Ribs with Oriental Sauce. For the price range of 100 to 200 pesos, people can already have a casual dining experience at this restaurant.

Chef Doys

Fifth in the list of the top 5 best value restaurants in Bicol Philippines is Chef Doys. With the restaurants expertise in Filipino cuisine, many tourists visit the dining place. By preparing at least 300 pesos, guests can already have a tasty, satisfying, and mouth-watering meal at Chef Doys. Three of the most favorite dishes at this restaurant are Bicol Express, Laing, and Mechadong Baka. Another unique dish that everyone should try is Gising-Gising, which includes quail eggs and chicken liver. For those who prefer to eat light meals, they can always order Pasta Alla Bicol.