Top 5 Best Value Restaurants in Bacolod - Philippines

Bacolod is known for being the city of smiles. The city has several restaurants that are considered world class. They give their customers value for their money. The restaurants in Bacolod serve tasty dishes as well as the local dishes Bacolod residents are known for. Tourists should try out the Bacolod cuisine when they visit the city.

Inaka Restaurant and Sushi Bar

This restaurant is in the Lacson Street. This is a restaurant with its own sushi bar. It is a cozy restaurant specializing in delicious Japanese dishes. Customers can also get customer satisfaction through the excellent service of their staff. They offer sushi, tempura and sukiyaki. The price of the dishes range from one hundred pesos up to two hundred pesos. They also offer other dishes like California maki, Sashimi and Beef Misono.

Imbiss Bacolod

This is a restaurant in Bacolod. This is located on the Burgos Street. It is a smaller restaurant compared to most of the restaurants. The ambiance in this restaurant is very relaxing. They offer guests international dishes. They also specialize in sausages. The price of their meals varies from one hundred ten pesos up to one hundred seventy pesos. They serve Hungarian sausages with hot rice, Bratwurst and pizzas. They have other variations of pizzas they call Pizza Filipina and Margarita.

Gerrys Grill Bacolod

This is situated in Lacson Street. This restaurant has become a chain in many cities in the Philippines including Bacolod. You can come to this restaurant with a total buget of five hundred pesos and you can already enjoy different dishes. They are famous for their Chili Cheese Stick, Sisig, Sinigang na Maya-maya and steamed fishes. This restaurant has become popular for being the best venue for holding special occasions of families. They are also noted for their chicken and crispy pata with Bagoong. The restaurant is also a good venue for a large family having a reunion. They also offer set meals for a huge group.

Maxs Restaurant

This is also another popular chain in the Philippines. The Bacolod branch is in SM mall of the city. This restaurant is famous for their chicken. They also serve other Filipino dishes like pancit canton, pata, Fresh Lumpia and sisig. For two persons a budget of five hundred pesos is already enough. The ambiance in this restaurant is very homey and this restaurant is considered to be part of the Philippine tradition. Other best sellers include Kare-kare, Sinigang na Hipon and sweet desserts to cap a delicious meal.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties

This is a restaurant along the avenue of the popular school called La Salle. This restaurant is a good alternative to other restaurants in the area. The ambiance in this restaurant is very cozy and they specialize in a cuisine not so known to many people. They serve Jamaican dishes. They offer Shrimp balls with sweet chili sauce and spicy chicken meals. You can have a budget of fifty pesos and you will already enjoy a nice pattie. They also serve Cheese Burst and Burger Steak.