Top 6 Best Value Restaurants
Angeles City - Philippines

Angeles is a city which attracts many tourists in the Philippines. It is close to NCR and you can reach Angeles from any city in Metro Manila in just two or three hours. There are many things you can do with your friends or family in Angeles like trekking and going to the nearby beaches. Enjoying good food is also one of them. There are several restaurants in Angeles. The restaurants in Angeles offer various dishes from Asian to international.

C' Italian Dining

This is a restaurant in Angeles City. This can be found in Angeles along Don Juico Avenue. This is one of the more popular restaurants in the city. It is also popular because the place has an elegant appeal because of the nice design and decorations you can find in the restaurant. They also serve different Italian dishes. The restaurant is quiet thus becoming the best place for an intimate gathering. This is one of the best places to have a romantic date. You can have a five hundred peso budget or one thousand pesos and you can already enjoy Tiramisu and Panzotti. The other specialties of the restaurant are Fegatini di Polo, Antipasti , Risotto and Snapper Fillet.

Azzuro Restaurant

This restaurant can be found along the avenue of Don Juico. This is inside Malabanias. This is first class restaurant offering tasty and international food. Some of their best sellers are German meals like Schaschlik Barbecue, Lamb chops and Angus steaks. They also offer the mouthwatering dish called Satay Barbecue. They also offer American Chicken en Brochette barbecue and Baby back ribs barbecue. The ambiance in this restaurant is very cozy and they have clean facilities as well.

Everybodys Café

This is a local restaurant in Angeles city. This is also considered to be an eatery offering a happy atmosphere similar to a festival. The theme of the whole restaurant is all about the Philippines. They specialize in Pampanga dishes and they serve food in a buffet style. The dishes they offer are pako salad, tortang bangus, kalderetang baka,Adobo crickets. This popular eatery is near the Nepo Mart.

Aling Lucings

This is another restaurant in Angeles offering delicious grilled dishes. This restaurant can be found in Hensonville. They have roasted dishes like the popular Ikabud. They also offer delicious steaks and other dishes made of beef. The firt sisig was made in this restaurant. This restaurant can never be missed if you visit the Henson Street.

Camalig Restaurant

This is a restaurant in Santo Rosario Street. The design of the restaurant is very rustic.This restaurant was once a camalig or a barn in a farm. This was then redesigned and made into a nice and simple restaurant. This restaurant is very famous for their pizzas. Many residents in Angeles consider their pizza as the best in the city. The pizzas they offer are filled with different ingredients from the Philippines like longganisa which is the sausage in the Philippines, salted eggs and onions and some pickles.


This is another restaurant in the Hensonville area. Hensonville is inside the town of Balibago. Ikabud is a famous restaurant offering Filipino cuisine. They are also proud of good services. Guests who are interested to go to this restaurant should have a buget of at least four hundred pesos. Some of Ikabuds specialties include grilled barbecue, squid and Papaitan. They also have Pansit and fish and chips for a lighter meal. Other best sellers are sinigang na hipon, tortang Talong and Buntot ng Tuna. The ambiance in Ikabud is very friendly to a family with children. The place is also a good setting for friends to have a reunion. This restaurant is also a famous hang out among young professionals because of the laid-back atmosphere.