Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Tagbilaran - Philippines

El Portal Inn

Primarily a pension house, El Portal Inn owns a place in the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Tagbilaran Philippines because of its superbly nice services and accommodations, which are available at reasonable prices. Equipped with fine room amenities, all its 15 guestrooms have telephones, TV sets, and hot shower fixtures. More importantly, all these and more are achievable at very low rates, with prices for Standard Rooms set at 750 pesos to 900 pesos. Meanwhile, Deluxe Rooms cost slightly more at the prices of 950 pesos to 1,000 pesos. On the other hand, spacious Family Rooms are up for grabs for only 1,250 pesos only. When it comes to services, this hotel is always on top of the pack with services such as shuttle services, round-the-clock customer services, and tour assistance.

Wregent Plaza Hotel

Known for its uniquely nice hotel accommodations and services, Wregent Plaza Hotel is found along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran City. Upon entering the place, guests will be greeted by the friendly hotel staff at the inviting lobby. Meanwhile, the reception area is always ready to accept arriving guests as they avail any of its topnotch room accommodations that include Standard Rooms for 800 pesos to 900 pesos, Deluxe Rooms for 1,100 pesos to 1,200 pesos, and Suites for 1,400 pesos. Because of these reasonably low rates, people can find an outstanding place to stay without spending too much in exchange for some truly wonderful stays.

Hotel La Roca

With 26 inexpensive economy-class rooms available, Hotel La Roca is without a doubt one of the best value hotels in Tagbilaran City. Situated right along Graham Avenue, guests can opt to stay at any of the available Single Rooms for 840 pesos, Standard Twin Rooms for 960 pesos, and Deluxe Rooms for 1,080 pesos to 1,200 pesos only. Finally, Penthouse Suites, which can accommodate up to four individuals, are good for 3,240 pesos. For more details about the place, people can call (038)-411-3179, (038)-411-3798, or (038)-411-3797.

Bohol Tropics Resort

Also found along Graham Avenue in the area of Cogon, Bohol Tropics Resort continues to amaze its guests with great services and accommodations to go with its fine amenities. Truly one of the most attractive hotels in town, people can enjoy many different things inside this place including tennis, swimming, and diving. The hotel is also home to three different food service providers, namely Seglim Seafoods and Ihaw-Ihaw, Le-Eng Chinese Cuisine, and Caf Atanacio. The room rates are not that high as well, with prices ranging somewhere in between 1,265 pesos to 3,850 pesos.

The MetroCentre Hotel and Convention Center

Another place in the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Tagbilaran Philippines belongs to the MetroCentre Hotel and Convention Center along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue. With 72 fine guestrooms to offer, people are guaranteed to experience superior hotel accommodations. Prices usually range from 1,400 pesos to 7,950 pesos. It has many notable features including meeting facilities, banquet halls, and restaurants.