Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Ormoc - Philippines

Sabin Resort Hotel

Easily regarded as one of the most beautiful hotel facilities in the City of Ormoc, Sabin Resort Hotel is found within the area of Bantigue. With 60 elegant guestrooms to offer, people are guaranteed to experience pleasant stays at its Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Premiere Rooms. On the other hand, those who are looking for grander hotel accommodations can choose to stay at either Executive Suites or Presidential Suites, which only cost 2,600 pesos to 3,800 pesos. These beautiful rooms come with safety deposit boxes, telephone lines, and color TVs. Other important hotel features include an Internet caf, a gift shop, and a business center.

Ormoc Villa Hotel

Ormoc Villa Hotel proudly owns a spot in the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Ormoc Philippines. This hospitality service provider is famous for its beautiful and elegant facilities, which are like no other else in the area. Its features include a souvenir shop, a secured parking area, and a game room. Best for meetings and other huge social events, the Hacienda Banquet Hall is equipped with tables, chairs, and other important amenities. There are also Function Rooms, which are great for relatively smaller occasions like trainings, seminars, and close-door meetings. It also hosts several dining facilities including Caida de Aguas Poolside Bar, Agalons Lobby Lounge, and Cuadra Coffee Shop. Lastly, its 49 guestrooms are subdivided into Presidential Suites, Executive Suites, Deluxe, and Junior Suites.

Hotel Don Felipe

Found along Bonifacio Street in Ormoc City, Hotel Don Felipe provides local and foreign travelers a convenient place to stay, without asking too much price in return for its highly efficient services. Thanks to its inexpensive rates, guests can avail rooms for as low as 360 pesos. Perfect for individuals and couples, Economy Rooms cost 580 pesos. Meanwhile, people can get Family Room accommodations for only 1,150 pesos, Standard Rooms for 1,200 pesos, and Superior Rooms for 1,270 pesos. On the other hand, the grandest accommodations inside this hotel are priced at 2,450 pesos for Junior Suites and 2,880 pesos for Senior Suites.

New Pongos Hotel

Another premier hotel situated along Bonifacio Street, New Pongos Hotel is one of the best value hotels in Ormoc City mainly because of its superior services that go with its first-rate facilities and accommodations. For as much as 2,400 pesos, people can already stay at prestigious VIP Suites. Of course, Family Rooms are also present, all of which are good for only 1,560 pesos. For 1,300 pesos, hotel guests can already enjoy the luxury of having nice bathtubs in their bathrooms by availing Deluxe rooms. Among the many beautiful features of this place, affordability is amongst the top, especially with Single Rooms up for grabs for only 350 pesos per night.

Sunnette Bay Pension House

Sunnette Bay Pension House is found along Aviles Street in the City of Ormoc, which is basically a small yet highly convenient and accessible place to stay. It has several nice, clean, and comfy rooms to offer, each of which has warm beds, private toilets, and continuous power supply. More than anything else, it offers guestrooms at cheaper rates compared to other pension houses in the area. For more information about this place, interested individuals can dial the phone line (053)-255-5744.