Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Leyte - Philippines

Dona Marta Boutique Hotel

Located along Tahusan Beach within the area of Hinunangan in Southern Leyte, Dona Marta Boutique Hotel is a small yet superiorly good place to stay. With five elegant rooms available, guests can avail overnight accommodations for an average price of $40, or somewhere around 1,800 pesos. The place is clean, the service is good, and the rooms are first-class, allowing it to earn the spot in the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Leyte Philippines. It has a beautiful outdoor pool and a very nice garden filled with nice trees and plants, providing its guests with a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Thanks to its cozy, private, and relaxing atmosphere, it continues to be a favorite amongst people who are in search for that perfect place to hold romantic getaways and honeymoons.

Hotel Alejandro

Hotel Alejandro is a beautiful and cozy place stay right along Paterno Street within the City of Tacloban in Leyte. According to those who have tried out this hotel, the place is highly recommendable especially in terms of rates, services, and location. It has an impressive restaurant, where a group of friendly and hospitable staff will attend to hotel guests and visitors. In terms of rooms, guests will surely have very little to complain about because the units are clean, the beds are comfortable, and the amenities are very dependable. Other notable features inside this place are the Roof Deck, Commonwealth Hall, and Liberation Room.

Don Felipe Hotel

Don Felipe Hotel is a nice hospitality service provider situated along Bonifacio Street in Ormoc City, which offers nothing but first-class services and accommodations to go with its superior facilities. It has a disco bar that provides quality entertainment to all its valued guests. More importantly, the place has different types of affordable room accommodations to choose from, including non-air-conditioned rooms for 360 pesos to 420 pesos. Economy Rooms are available for 580 pesos to 730 pesos, Standard Rooms for 1,200 pesos, while Family Rooms are open for 1,150 pesos.

La Rica Hotel

Another reliable hotel in the province of Leyte is La Rica Hotel, which is found at 36 Padre Zamora Street in Tacloban City. Although there is nothing flashy about the place, it still is one of the Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Leyte Philippines because it offers people some very nice accommodations and facilities to go with its superior services. Single Bed Rooms are available for only 750 pesos, Twin Bed Rooms cost 850 pesos each, while Executive Rooms are open for reservations at the price of 1,350 pesos each.

Sabin Resort Hotel

Also found in the City of Ormoc, Sabin Resort Hotel is found within the range of Bantigue. The hotel is relatively superb, especially in terms of facilities. It has a restaurant, which serves guests various types of delectable food and refreshing drinks. Superior Rooms only cost 1,600 pesos, Deluxe Rooms 1,850 pesos, while Premier Rooms cost 2,000 pesos. All of its guestrooms have continuous power and water supply, nice warm beds, and clean bathrooms. For grander accommodations, guests can stay inside Executive Suites for 2,600 pesos, while Presidential Suites are available for only 3,800 pesos.