Top 5 Best Value Hotels in General Santos - Philippines

General Santos is a progressive city in Mindanao. It is an exciting and nice place to visit with many hotels where you can stay with your family and friends. There are hotels and resorts which offer tourists good service and amenities. The rates of some hotels in General Santos city are also very affordable.

Matutum Hotel

This is a hotel in General Santos city with three stories. It is a modern building with one balcony. Each room has the basic amenities like a private bathroom, balcony and daily service by the maids. Each room has air-conditioning. This hotel has forty seven rooms. They also offer laundry service and photocopying service. They also have their own money exchange center. This hotel also has its own restaurant so the guests don't have to worry about where to eat.

Phela Grande Hotel

This is a hotel on the corner of Atis and Magsaysay. This is one of the grandest hotels in the city. This hotel has its own restaurant, souvenir store and several rooms for different functions. They also have different rooms which tourists can choose from. They have matrimonial rooms, single rooms and family rooms. Five persons can occupy the family room,. The price of the accommodation ranges from nine hundred pesos up to two thousand pesos. Every room has the standard features which include television with cable, bathrooms and a telephone.

Villa Aurora Pension House

This is a hotel in the main highway of the city. This pension house gives their guests a relaxing accommodation with a cheaper price. The cost of the room vary from four hundred fifty pesos to five hundred fifty pesos. They have rooms with a single bed, double and a room for a family. They also have a huge space for parking, business area and a bar.

East Asia Royal Hotel

This is a hotel in the center of the city. This is just twenty minutes from the airports. It is also near the financial capital and major malls in the city. The convention area and the sports area are both just a short trip away. It is one of the most convenient hotels in the city. This hotel allows guests to visit the landmarks of the city in just a few minutes. The rooms they offer all have air-conditioning .Each room have the basic amenities. They also offer room service; salon services, a lounge and a bar. They also have their own restaurant and coffee shop. They have laundry services and they offer parking space for guests with their cars. This hotel also has three rooms for different occasions.

Family Country Hotel

This hotel is in the Mateo Road of General Santos city. They offer guests with comfortable rooms. The hotel has different trees and plants. The cafe of the hotel has a good view of different plants. This hotel is just twenty minutes from the international airport. It is near the offices, malls and banks. They also have other rooms ideal for a large convention or gathering. They also have a huge pool that is twenty five meters in length. The pool is the biggest in the city. They have sixty eight rooms which are all clean and comes with all the standard amenities.