Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Dumaguete - Philippines

The city of the gentle people is not only a place to travel to, but it also has affordable and great valued hotels where you can relax yourself and explore the boulevard of Dumaguete or its night life. The top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete Philippines are places where you can save precious money to spend it on other memorable things in Dumaguete city and let us start the countdown with the top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete Philippines.

Hotel Palwa

One of the top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete - Philippines is the Hotel Palwa which is the newest addition to the flourishing tourist business. The Hotel Palwa is affordable and has great food. Hotel Palwa is located right beside the Caltex Gasoline Station at the National Highway and you can access the downtown area by just taking a couple of steps down the road. The rooms are decorated with love and boast of warm colors such as browns and oranges. The rate for a single room is about $15 dollars and a deluxe suite costs around $30 per night.

Coco Grande Hotel

The best hotel around in Dumaguete city that's on the top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete Philippines is the Coco Grande hotel. Located at the Hibbard Avenue underneath Acacia trees the first impression reminds you of understated Spanish influences. The Coco Grande is a hotel that was built in the Spanish style and offers beside luxury, the greatest food in town. The Coco Grande also has a restaurant called Coco Amigos located at the Rizal Boulevard and trips to the beach resort to the nearby island paradise Siquijor. The Coco Grande houses celebrities from Manila and only the rich and famous of Dumaguete and this makes it a must place to stay. With a suite rate of around $50 to $70 the night, it is still affordable and you will get the luxury you deserve.

Check Inn Hotel

The Check Inn Hotel is located in the heart of Dumaguete City right beside the Perdices Street which houses all the important malls and shopping places within Dumaguete. This place accommodates a spot on the top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete Philippines because it has great rooms that look out onto the city life of Dumaguete, but are at the same time affordable for around Php 800 which for a single room which is around $16. The hotel is a little stale and that is why it is best suited for travelling business people and yuppies.

RM Suits Inn

RM Suits Inn is one of the smaller hotels of Dumaguete city, but deserves the a spot on the top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete Philippines because the rooms are not only extremely affordable, but each room is decorated in a different style from oriental to European and cosmopolitan. Located in the Barangay Bantayan right at the National Highway, the RM Suits Inn is just steps away from the airport and gives you access to all the adventure activities that you can do outside of the city. With student dorm rates for as low as $8, you do not only get a bargain, but you also get free meals with these combo prices.

The Negros Inn

Another spot on the top 5 best value hotels in Dumaguete - Philippines was given to a hotel that does not look very inviting, but is well worth the try. The Negros Inn is located right beside the exit of the airport and the hotel itself may feel a little small at first, but once you have made it through the rooms, you will find yourself standing in a grand room lavishly decorated with decadence. It is one of the closest things you can find to a five star hotel in Dumaguete city minus the lacking swimming pool. Instead the Negros Inn has a sauna and a karaoke bar which is open 24/7. The price for the most expensive suite is $70, but the cost is definitely worth it.