Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay is a leading tourist destination in the Philippines. It is known for pristine sands and clear beach. There are many hotels in Boracay. Some can be expensive however there are still some hotels that are more affordable and still give the best value for your money. These are the following:

Fridays Hotel

This is a well known hotel in Boracay known for being luxurious. This hotel can be found on the northern end of the strip. This hotel is graded with a triple a. The employees always greet the guests when they come. They give a lei made of shells and some drinks giving guests the feeling that they will be taken care for sure. The hotel has forty rooms with styles adapted from cottages. The rooms are all adorned with simple designs. The designs are native in nature but with a touch of elegance. Every room has aircon, cold and hot water, television with cable, telephone and a DVD. The rooms have mini-bars. It is also complete with a veranda and a Philippine hammock. Guests are also given slippers made from Philippine Abaca. The hotel offers a restaurant that offers different dishes. There are many performers as well.

Boracay Terraces

is another good hotel in Boracay. This hotel can be found on the north side of the island as well. They have basically three kinds of rooms to offer to their guests. Each room has air conditioning. It also have the cold and hot water, stereo system, television and one telephone. The rooms all have one terrace. The hotel has six rooms for families. These rooms are made up of two rooms joined together. A family room can accommodate six people. There are five other rooms called twin. These are rooms for two to three people. They also have a perfect room for the couples. It has a queen sized bed. The hotel also has one restaurant they call the Taj. They offer seafood. They also have a spa called Duyan offering massages like Swedish and Thai.

Nigi Nigi Noo Noo's

This is another famous resort or hotel in Boracay. This hotel offers the Filipino hospitality and culture to their guests. They have less than thirty rooms. They are known for having homey and convenient rooms. This hotel is found on station one. Each room is made of bamboo. It has a good view of the ocean making it simple yet very homey. The hotel offers a restaurant and a bar. They can also offer massages while you see the full view of the sea. Every room has European style. The hotel also has a money exchanger office. The hotel offers access to the Internet.

Two Seasons Resort

This is another hotel in Boracay established in 2005. This is considered one of the high end hotels. The hotel has one pool which most guests like having. The hotel has different rooms. They offer deluxe rooms and suites for the families. Each room is furnished with the luxurious amenities. The television has cable and there is a Wifi access. They offer over a hundred rooms. This hotel is the first to get the triple a grade from the tourism office in the Philippines. They also offer a convention area for companies and four restaurants. They also offer a gym.

White House

This is the hotel located in the station one. Their rooms have different designs. Some rooms are Mediterranean inspired. Other rooms have its own bar and a lounge chair overlooking the whole beach. They offer super deluxe and deluxe accommodations at affordable prices.