Top 5 Best Value Hotels in Bohol - Philippines

Bohol is an island near Cebu that has attracted more tourists recently. There are some elegant and simple hotels people can stay in Bohol. Most of them are near the beach. Couples and families can definitely have a good time feeling the convenience and the warm hospitality they have to offer.

The following are some of the best value places to stay in Bohol:

The Alumbungs

This place has a Philippine garden feel. It is just twenty five minutes away from the city and just five more minutes to the beach. The villas are all uniquely shaped to look like nippa huts. The styles has been designed after the Lumbung houses in Bali. The upper portion of the house usually serves as the barn where rice is kept. They offer lumbung cottages and tropical villas.

Each lumbung has a Philippine hammock. The rooms have two beds and one fan. The kitchen is fully furnished with a ref and stove. There are several things in the kitchen for preparing food. The lumbung is a good place for a romantic getaway by a couple or by anyone who wants to have a relaxing time with nature. There is a wireless connection to the Internet. The accommodation on the tropical villa costs one thousand eight hundred pesos and the double lumbung cottage costs one thousand three hundred pesos. The single lumbung cottage costs one thousand two hundred pesos.

The Ananyana

This is a hotel where good impressions and harmony of the ambience are combined. Guests are usually overwhelmed with many original aesthetics in the place. They offer bathrooms with Bohemian designs. Each room has a cozy appeal.

The whole hotel offers comfort in style. They have ten rooms and two rooms ideal for the family. They give clients the atmosphere of intimacy. The space is not that limited too. The rooms for the families occupy two levels and it includes a bathroom. The air-conditioning is also very quiet. The beds are king sized. The rooms have a good view of the ocean from the patio.

Isla Hayahay

This is a hotel / resort near the beach. This is a place located on the island of Pangangan. It is an island known for clear waters and pure white sand. It is an ideal place where families can stay to have an ecological adventure. It offers guests a wonderful sanctuary teeming with marine life. It is an island offering ideal spots for diving and other beach activities. It has a lot of gardens made of corals and different caves. They offer guests eight duplex accommodations fully furnished with a private bathroom and a satellite television. The room accommodation costs one thousand four hundred pesos. The prices are really reasonable and offer a good ambiance for the families.

La Estrella Beach Resort

This is another hotel or resort located in Cabilao that offers guests a quiet place for relaxation. Each room they offer comes with furnishings and a fan. The bathrooms are spacious. The rooms have a terrace. There are several Palm trees all around the resort. There are several traditional hammocks in the whole place.

They offer a standard room called bungalow to guests with complimentary breakfast and another meal for dinner for a couple. There is another room called the standard safari bungalow with the meals for two people as well. They also offer superior bungalows. For families a family bungalow is ideal.

Bee farm

This offers accommodations to guests in Bohol. They passionately support the development of the province in terms of agriculture. They increase the awareness of the guests about the environment. They offer guests with the following:

An organic experience They offer different kinds of food with ingredients fresh from their garden.

Great hospitality Guests can feel relaxation with the typical hospitality of the Boholanos. They pamper all their guests with clean and cozy rooms. The establishment offers different activities that a family can do in their farm.