Top 5 Beaches in Zamboanga - Philippines

The Philippines has always been known for its pristine beaches, and one of the prime locations is Zamboanga. With this top 5 beaches in Zamboanga list, you can now take your pick of the perfect places to go swimming or scuba diving.

Greater Santa Cruz Island

Those who go to Zamboanga for the beaches often choose the one at Greater Santa Cruz Island, and there are several reasons for this.

The quality of the air is of the purest essence, and the greenery that envelops the beach come in a wide variety and complements the scenery. But the main attractions are the three miles of pink sand, the handiwork of nature over the course of millennia. As attractive as they are, feeling them beneath your feet makes it even more enticing.

Little Santa Cruz Island

For scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, Little Santa Cruz Island has long been their favorite haunt owing to its compelling seascapes.

Aside from the exotic marine life and coral reefs you will find beneath its waters, the beach at Little Santa Cruz Island is also known for being a perfect place for sun bathing. Whether you want to go snorkeling or sunbathing, this little beach has something to offer you.

Bobo Island Beach

Bobo Island is another beautiful beach that you will want to visit, for its lures are as large as the island itself, which is one of the bigger ones in Zamboanga.

The sights at Bobo Island beach are simply marvelous, with lush greens and some of the most colorful flowers and vegetation you will see anywhere. The scenery is just as breathtaking underwater, with colorful fishes, crabs and other sea creatures.

Bolong Beach

The growing number of huts around Bolong Beach is a reflection of the increasing popularity of this beach, as word of its charm spreads around.

Besides swimming, the 1.5 km long stretch of fine sand makes it ideal for jogging, and there are also plenty of canoes that you can rent out for some boating in the afternoon. Another plus is the affordability of the many resorts around the beach, and the friendly people.

Baong Beach Island

Unlike the other beaches, Baong Island is not as frequented or populated, making it one of the more popular destinations for those that want a little bit of quiet and solitude.

Going snorkeling and scuba diving are very possible here, as the coral reefs, fish and various forms of marine life will give divers plenty to go over. You can also spend the day just lazing at the beach and watch the glorious sunset, which are among the most beautiful in all of Zamboanga.

The pleasures that you can derive from these Zamboanga beaches are numerous, and plentiful, making these spots the ultimate getaways.