Top 5 Beaches in Tagbilaran - Philippines

Being an island province, Bohol has lots of excellent beaches to offer. Its capital alone, Tagbilaran City, boasts of several good ones. Here are top 5 beaches in Tagbilaran-Philippines.

Caingit Beach

Tagbilarans most popular beach is Caingit. Its just in the area of Graham Road, city proper, towards the Bohol Sea. Caingit is tame even in bad weather because of the protection the bay, which is found east of Bohol, provides. Along the shore are several eateries offering fresh seafood, among them the Caingit Seafood Restaurant. Caingit is being developed and managed by the local government and is a favorite leisure place of the populace. The gentle waves are perfect even for kid bathers.

Laya Beach

The town of Laya in Bohol offers tourists a unique view of the sea with the island of beautiful Panglao as its backdrop. Laya Beach is simple yet pristine and well protected by Panglao Island so that only gentle waves are able to reach its shores. The warm tame waters are good even for children. Its just a few-minute drive from the city proper and from other Tagbilaran beach fronts.

Santa Fe Beach

Santa Fe Beach is close to Laya and the city proper. Thus, it also affords a distant view of Panglao Island but is more exposed to the open seas than Laya is. Hence, the waves and breeze can be more challenging at times and playful. It is less frequented by tourists and the quality of the beach is still close to being paradisiacal and pristine.

Clarin Beach

Clarin Town in Bohol offers a soft and fine sandy beach and emerald waters that reflect the rich undersea reefs and vegetation in the area. The waves can be rough at times but there are more moments of calm as waves gently kiss the almost immaculate shores. Its ideal for quiet swims and scrumptious seaside picnics feasting on fresh catches from the sea thrown straight onto lively grills. Clarin beach affords a good idea of what lies farther on deeper portions through what it offers snorkelers venturing the shallower parts closer to the shore. Thus, merely enjoying the beach gets swimmers a taste of the deep, and so it's in the top 5 beaches in Tagbilaran-Philippines.

Bikini Beach

Just a few minutes of driving past the Cosway Bridge from the city proper to nearby Panglao Island (to be specific, to the town of Dauis) gets visitors to Bikini Beach. This is an ideal tropical beach experience where native huts stand amid swaying tall coconut trees along the shore. There are various sea food varieties available here and all it takes to enjoy them is to place them fresh on live crackling coals. The waters are gentle and calm, just right for all types of bathers.

Hence, when raring to dip at a quality Bohol beach while in Tagbilaran City, but time constraints one to travel great distances, then look for these top 5 beaches in Tagbilaran-Philippines right in the city proper or around it.