Top 5 Beaches in Tacloban - Philippines

Tacloban is well known for the historical markers and landmarks but their beaches are at par with some of the finest in the Philippines. If you feel like taking a swim or just relaxing on sandy shores, you may try out the following.

White Beach

Located in Barangay San Jose, White Beach in Tacloban has drawn in a number of swimming and diving aficionados thanks to the different activities that you can do there.

The cleanliness of the waters is idyllic for swimming or just beating the heat. However, White Beach is also ideal for boating and skiing as the waves do rise quite a bit, suitable for watersports. The exquisite sand, coupled with the serenity of the view, has made it a popular destination for those who want to go on a picnic.

Dulag Beach

Also known as Blue Beach, Dulag is another beach that is steeped in history and natural splendor.

The name Blue Beach was derived from the fact it (along with others) was given the name by American soldiers during World War II. The name stuck but it is also now known as Dulag, where it is located. Beside the history though, the clean sands and waters will captivate you as well. The sunsets here are also striking.

Red Beach

Tourists who frequent Leyte will know Red Beach very well not just for its inherent loveliness but its place in history.

This was the beachfront where the Allied Forces made their return to the Philippines, and if only for that reason worthy of a visit. Today however the presence of several hotels and beach resorts has made the beach into a tourist spot, not to mention a haven for watersports activities.

Mahaba Beach

About 130 km from Tacloban, Mahaba constitutes part of the famous Cuatros Islas, and is renowned for being a swimming and diving haven.

Surrounded by beautiful waters and the other islands, Mahaba possesses smooth sands, gorgeous coral reefs and an enticing view of the Camotes Sea. There are also boat services available for touring the whole place.

The Tacloban Public Beach

The Tacloban Public Beach is the place to go if you want to swim in a fun atmosphere.

Because of its location, you do not have to worry about how long it will take to get there, and getting back to the city will present no difficulties either. Moreover, the waters of the beach are well maintained. It is also a great place where you can meet and interact with people.

The various features of the top 5 beaches in Tacloban are simply indicative of the diverse attractions and sightseeing spots in and around the city. Possessing history and natural beauty, it comes as no surprise that they are getting drawing in more travelers.