Top 5 Beaches in Subic - Philippines

White Rock Beach

With its fine sand and relaxing environment, White Rock Beach takes a spot in the top 5 beaches in Subic Philippines. This place is regularly visited by people who are conscious about their health and fitness. Since this beach is surrounded by numerous resorts and hotels, tourists can surely have a refreshing stay in the place. One of the unique features of this beach is its health club where almost all of the fitness equipment that travelers look for are available. Additionally, most of the resorts at the beach feature spa and other sports amenities, so everyone can definitely have an enjoyable visit at White Rock Beach.

Driftwood Beach

Hailed as one of the primary beaches in Subic Philippines that is visited by many tourists and travelers in the place, Driftwood Beach is situated near 164, a camp of Philippine National Police in the place. At the beach, people will surely enjoy several water activities like kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. Some local residents also consider Driftwood Beach as a dive spot for a lot of beautiful corals are present beneath its calm waters.

Half Moon Beach

One of the newest tourist attractions in Subic, Half Moon Beach is in the top 5 beaches in Subic Philippines. The beach was closed in the past decades due to legal matters, however, the local government decided to open Half Moon Beach to the public. People can easily locate the beach for it is found near another tourist destination in the place, Ocean View Resort. To accommodate tourists and locale individuals who will only stay at the beach for a day, the local government provide cottages at the shore that they can rent for as low as 300 pesos.

Dungaree Beach

Also recognized as Dog Beach, Dungaree Beach is one of the beautiful and private beaches in Subic. For only 150 pesos, people can already enjoy and have fun doing exciting activities such as diving at the beach. Because of the privacy and serenity of the beach, there are small groups and private companies that usually hold special events in this place. Even if Dungaree Beach is not as spacious as other beaches in Subic, it is still can accommodate at most 500 individuals.

Skippers Beach

Skippers Beach is still popular to tourists and travelers even though it is not as huge and attractive as other beaches in Subic. People who like to unwind and relax should consider visiting this place for its fine sand allow them to do refreshing activities like sunbathing, as well as beach combing. At night, they can also share romantic moments with their loved ones while having dinner at the shore. Additionally, there is a resort near the beach that offers affordable accommodations so travelers have nothing to worry about their budgets when they visit Skippers Beach.