Top 5 Beaches in Sorsogon - Philippines

There is no better way to beat the summer heat than by heading to Sorsogon and to one of its beaches. If this is your first time to go to the province, this list of the top 5 beaches in Sorsogon will help you find the right spots.

Dancalan Beach

Dancalan Beach is the primary destination of visitors to Sorsogon, owing to the many attractions that can be found throughout the area.

The unspoiled beach and pure sands are world class but what makes the place even more charming are the various cottages in the vicinity, which evoke the feeling of a small peaceful community. There is also a store where you can get the basic necessities.

Rizal Beach

Less than half an hour away from Sorsogon, Rizal Beach is one of the most accessible and also one of the scenic.

When you visit Rizal Beach, you will see people having picnic by the beach, the local populace intermingling with foreigners and other visitors. Not only is it a great place for swimming, but the presence of a number of resorts and souvenir shops means you can get everything you need there.

Paguriran Island

There are some islands around Sorsogon that possess beautiful beaches, and one of them is Paguriran Island.

As you descend on the island you will find yourself enveloped by gentle blowing winds, the serene waters and clear skies. In the midst of the island you will also come across a striking lagoon encompassed by an assortment of rocks.

Tolong-Gapo Beach

Tolong-Gapo Beach is a mere 15 minutes away from the capital city, and upon arrival you will find yourself in a place filled with beauty and legend.

As you stroll along the beautiful white beaches, you will eventually find three rocks not far from the shore, which legend states where once a cat, carabao and a boy who were turned to rocks by lightning. As you explore the beach, expect to come across more wonderful sights and stories. Besides the chance to interact with the friendly locals, you can of course, take pleasure in bathing and swimming, which can do wonders for you.

Libanon Beach

Of the beaches in Sorsogon, Libanon Beach distinguishes itself from the pack thanks to the refined black sand around its shore.

Apart from the black sand, there are also black stones and rocks around Libanon Beach. Believed to have emanated from a volcano, it is, along with the clean beach, an attraction that you will want to visit over and over.

The beaches in Sorsogon have been the main reason for the upswing in the tourism industry in the province, and justifiably so. If you are tired of the usual beach destinations, then head over to Sorsogon and experience something new.