Top 5 Beaches in Palawan - Philippines

The natural beauty of Palawan has been recognized internationally and certainly among the major sightseeing spots on the island are its beaches. Below are the top 5 beaches in Palawan and the delights you will find there.

Honda Bay

Honda Bay is not just an ordinary beach; it is actually comprised of several white sand beaches, each more fascinating than the last.

The number of beaches that comprise Honda Bay makes it a must visit, as you get to explore some of the loveliest white sands in the Philippines. Other lures of the Bay are the numerous islets scattered around it that have now become diving sanctuaries. With fishes and coral reefs galore, it truly is a swimmers paradise.

Napsan Beach

60 minutes away from Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan, is the small barangay of Napsan, from which this enchanting beach emanates.

People are drawn to Napsan Beach not just because of the purity of the water, but also the rock formations around the area, which adds a nice touch to the setting. Being popular with tourists, you will also find cozy resorts sprouting up.

Apulit Island

Taytay used to be the capital of Palawan, and it is there that you can make the trip to Apulit Island, which now consistently ranks near the top of travelers favorites.

Embarking upon the island and you will find amongst the opulent greens and fascinating landscape fine white sand. Taking a swim in its waters, it will not be long before you also come across dive sites that feature breathtaking coral reefs and colorful underwater creatures, many of which are native to the province and only found there.

Coron Bay

Part of the Calamian Group of Islands, Coron is perhaps the most well known of the islets that comprise it, mainly due to its beautiful beaches.

The beauty of Coron comes in the form of its white sands, which, in terms of purity and quality, qualify among the best in the world. Aside from swimming and bathing you can also go snorkeling and admire the assorted life forms beneath the waters.

Nagtabon Beach

If you are in the mood for a little sunset watching to go with your bathing, then Nagtabon Beach is your destination.

There are few things more romantic than surveying the sun go down. Whether you watch it from a banca, sitting on the silk like sands, or immersed in the waters, the sight of the sun disappearing in between colorful lights and shades will leave you mesmerized. Such is the beauty of the scenery that it adds to the experience of swimming and bathing.

Palawans beaches offer you spectacular sunsets, awesome white sands and unadulterated waters. Of course in Palawan, you can expect nothing less.