Top 5 Beaches in Ormoc - Philippines

Theres more to Ormoc, Leyte than just going to museums and historical markers. There are actually several beaches around the province, and the following are some of the most enticing.

Bitu On Beach

Bitu On Beach is in San Roque and only a short distance from Ormoc. It is a cozy little beach with a beautiful view of the sea, and also a nice place to watch the sunset.

Swimming in Bitu On can be reinvigorating, especially since the chances are good only a few people will be there with you. Swimming in the nighttime is also an interesting experience as you will get to see the attractions in the waters in a different way.

Kuting Beach

Kuting Beach is in Macrobon, and like Bitu On, part of its charm is its relative anonymity (compared with the other beaches in the Philippines), so there will less noise around.

The waters off the shore in Kuting Beach are a brilliant blue, and it complements the smooth silk sand, so aside from swimming, you can also have a picnic. It is also a good place to go jogging and a nice area to view the sun rise or go down. Even in the darkness of the night, Kuting Beach loses none of its charm.

Himokilan Island

One of the major islands in the Cuatros Islas group, Himokilan Island can be reached by a boat ride from Ormoc, and is more than adequate for swimming and diving.

The sands around the Himokilan Island are among the most beautiful among the Cuatros Islas. Swimming here is an activity that even the novices will enjoy as the blue green waters are crystal clear and allows for a spectacular view of the waters and rocks. There are a lot of colorful coral reefs down there for you to enjoy.

Danao Lake and the Daguitan Rapids

Danao Lake and the Daguitan Rapids are very close to one another and are best tried one after another, with each one providing a unique setting.

Both of the sites are in Burauen, with Danao Lake suitable for swimming and having picnics. The Daguitan Rapids on the other hand, is more applicable for rafting. Both however, offer excellent views of nature. It can be a fun place to take the family or an outing with your friends.

Maamo Beach

Maamo Beach is situated in San Roque and the name (gentle in Filipino) is very appropriate for the site as the waters and sands are very smooth.

The gentleness of the waters extends to the deeper parts of the sea, with numerous types of fish, including tuna, yellow fish, mackerel and several others swimming by gracefully.

Ormoc being situated right in Leyte and very near Southern Leyte has made it the ideal spot for getting to some of the best beaches in the province. For swimming and diving, these top 5 beaches in Ormoc will satisfy the swimmer and diver in you.