Top 5 Beaches in Leyte - Philippines

Historical landmarks are usually the first thing on the minds of the people that go to Leyte, but unbeknownst to some, there are several outstanding beaches scattered about the island province. This list of the top 5 beaches in Leyte gives you a rundown of the best the province has to offer.

White Beach

White Beach is located in San Jose, which is about 7 km from Tacloban, the capital of Leyte. Of the many beaches in the province, this is one that has captured the imagination of a lot of travelers.

As the name makes clear, the biggest draw on the beach are the white sands that cover its surface, which are comparable with those in the other more popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. The beauty of White Beach is not just an ideal setting for swimming, but also for other activities like scuba diving and in certain spots, even boating.

Digyo Beach

One of the four that make up the enchanting Cuatros Islas, Digyo Beach boasts of some of the most excellent views of both sea and sky.

From Digyo Beach, you can simply marvel at the beauty of the beautiful sands that, coupled with the soft breeze, makes it an excellent place for promenading. Of course an excursion into the deeper parts of the ocean will reveal some of the most awesome coral reefs, as well as the assorted life forms that live on it.

Mahaba Beach

Mahaba Beach is located near Digyo Beach, and you should make it a point to visit this enchanting little place when you are in Leyte.

Mahaba Beach is surrounded by pristine and clear waters, which of course, are met on the shore by pure sands. A small but splendid little island, it is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and can now be reached by pump boats.

Apid Beach

Apid Beach is situated right next to Mahaba, and part of Cuatros Islas. Just like the others, it is laden with natural beauty and scenery.

From Tacloban you can now get to Apid Beach easily through a tour, and it is certainly worth making the trip. Going in deep you will see some of the most dazzling coral reefs in all of Leyte, and the combination of the plankton and colorful fish will leave you spellbound.

Blue Beach

Blue Beach is only a few minutes away from Tacloban City in Leyte and one of the most beautiful of the many that are found in the provincial coastline.

Blue Beach got its name from the American Armed Forces that landed in Leyte Gulf during World War II, which used the site as part of their landing guides. Apart from its historical importance though, the beach is now being frequented for the sand, which have been well maintained, as have been the waters around it.

Leyte beaches abound in the province, but these are the cream of the crop, and you can expect loads of fun and relaxation when you get there.