Top 5 Beaches in Iloilo - Philippines

Bolobadiangan Beach

Considered as the most popular, interesting, and visited beach in the province of Iloilo, Bolobadiangan Beach offers nice attractions to tourists, as well as to locale people. Most travelers enjoy visiting this beach for it features fine and yellowish sand. Additionally, they can easily see beautiful corals and limes beneath the turquoise waters of Bolobadiangan Beach. Aside from swimming, many people like to go to this place for it is also one of the most inviting diving sites in the province. Furthermore, those who have interest in sightseeing will have a good time in this place because it has an interesting sandbar, which acts as a barrier.

Antonia Beach

Another interesting and inviting beach to visit in Iloilo, Antonia Beach is situated within Isla de Gigantes in Carles. This place is very attractive to people who want to try exciting water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. Additionally, tourists in this beach also enjoy relaxing activities like beach combing, as well as sun bathing. What makes the beach more luring to tourists who want to unwind is its location since it is found in a serene and quiet area of the province.

Puerto del Mar

Puerto del Mar is known for the elegant, stylish, and popular resorts that it features. To get the attention of most travelers in the province, these resorts offer leisure and dining amenities, sports centers, as well as affordable accommodations. Aside from lodges, there are also restaurants within the vicinity of the beach, for the convenience and comfort of all the vacationers at the beach. Meanwhile, to those who will only stay in the place for a day, they can always rent cottages that are situated along the shore of Puerto del Mar.

Agho Beach

Aside from Puerto del Mar, another famous beach in Iloilo that features attractive hotels is Agho Beach. This beach provides serenity to families and couples who want to have bonding moments with each other. In addition, people can also have fun and enjoy in this place by doing several exciting water activities like diving, boating, and snorkeling. Aside from these, there are also places at the beach where people can have picnics with their loved ones.

Tambaliza Beach

Tambaliza Beach is near to Agho Beach, which is situated at the Municipality of Concepcion. For those who want to have fun and relax, they can always visit this beach because it features fine sand where people can sit and have memorable moments with their friends and loved ones. In addition, the beach is very accessible to various forms of land transportation that are available in the province, so tourists will not experience problems finding this tourist destination.