Top 5 Beaches in General Santos - Philippines

Touring the many sights around General Santos is only the beginning. From this beautiful city you will be able to get to several lovely beaches where you can unwind. The top 5 beaches in General Santos are in places outside the city, which can be easily reached by motor vehicle.

Gumasa Beach

Known as the Boracay of Mindanao, Gumasa Beach off Sarangani Bay is regarded by many as the most spectacular of the numerous white sand beaches in Mindanao and the Philippines.

Looking at pictures of the white sand at Gumasa Beach is not enough because the lens cannot do justice to its actual appearance and the texture of the sands. The waters are a deep blue, and are only equaled by the dazzling azure sky, interspersed by the brilliant white clouds.

Sarangani Bay

The coastline of Sarangani Bay has turned the whole place into a haven for both beach lovers and scuba diving enthusiasts.

One of the most pleasurable things you can do here is to head off from General Santos to Sarangani Bay and take a leisurely stroll of its numerous beaches. With many of them filled with stretches of fine white sand, you can spend several days just swimming here or watching the beautiful skies.

Margus Beach

One of the finer beaches at General Santos and Sarangani, Margus Beach is located near Gumasa and has notable features which nature lovers will appreciate.

The sands here are pure and white as powder, and the waters are just as inviting. Not only are they pristine and spotless, but the marine life there are incredibly diverse. No less than 2,400 marine animals are known to exist in the vicinity, so theres plenty to see here.

Baliton Beach

Baliton Beach is also in close proximity to Gumasa and Margus, and just like those two aforementioned beaches is laden with beautiful sights.

Baliton Beach is where you may go to swim in unspoiled waters, and also breathe in the fresh air emanating from the ocean shore. Other activities that you can do here include watching out for exotic marine life like dolphins, sea turtles, eagle rays and more. Whales have also been spotted in the area.

Saravia Falls

Saravia Falls is in Koronadal, and is one of the most picturesque of the seven falls around Lake Sebu.

Besides getting the chance to view the other waterfalls in the area, the entire site has been converted into a beautiful resort, so you will have the opportunity to swim in its pristine waters and at the same time take advantage of the various amenities available.

General Santos is known for its many sightseeing spots, and their beauty is more than met by these fabulous beaches. With the ease with which you can get around, you will never have to wonder where to go for a dip when the heat comes on.