Top 5 Beaches in Davao - Philippines

Mergrande Ocean Resort

Mergrande Ocean Resort is proud to boasts of the wonder of natures beauty having an uncomplicated landscape and architecture. Mergrande is a AA class resort and proclaimed the top 1 beach resort in Davao since 2005 up to date. Located in Bago Aplaya, Talomo District Davao City, the resort promises a Davao Beach experience that you will never forget. The resort offers a unique playground for the kids and a choice of whether enjoying the waters of the beach or the pool, guests are required to pay the entrance fee to enjoy the accommodations. Mergrande also has lawn and basketball tennis courts. You can also enjoy fishing at the fishing village of the resort.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Paradise Island is definitely the most famous beach resort in Davao. It is located in the Island of Samal. The resort promises a wide accessibility, affordable service price, friendly staff, a powdery white sand and pristine blue waters. You need to ride a ferry boat to reach the Paradise Island. Among the obsession of the beach staff is cleanliness that you will be amazed of how quick they clean the area once they see litters and garbages scattered around the place. Paradise Island also has a mini zoo where you can see different kinds of birds and exotic animals. Overnight stays will require you to choose the cottage of your choice that can costs P1,500 to P3,000.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Situated in the Southern Area of the country, Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the Davao's very own Boracay Island. The resort is located 45-minutes away from the wharf. Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a 14 hectare land that used to be a pearl farm where in thousands of oysters from Sulu Sea were cultivated for gold, white and pink pearls. Today, it has become a resort that promises a warm, relaxed and private retreat. The resort caters a lot of activities such as sports like tennis, water sports including banana boat rides, wind surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving and kayaks. The resort caters deluxe room accommodations including 73 suites, guestrooms, cottages, and maranao villas.

Isla Reta Samal

Isla Reta is a cozy small resort located at Talicud Island in samal having the official name of IGACOS. Just like the other beaches of the Samal Group of Islands, Isla Reta Beach Resort is a promise of white sand beach and pristine cystal blue waters. Isla Reta because is the next best resort to Paradise Island in Samal. It is a 30 minute bangka ride away from the coast of Davao City. It is a good place to relax and enjoy. The resort offers affordable cottage prices and the entrance fee is P150 for the adults. If you plan to go to Isla Reta, it is best that you bring food with you since the resort doesn't have fancy restaurants.

Davao Seagull Beach Resort

Located at Punta Dumalag, Matina Davao City, Davao Seagull Resort is the only white beach in the city as compared to its neighboring beaches. The sea water of the beach is warm and calm. Seagull offers day time and overnight accommodations for a service price of P495 to 1,500 per cottage depending on the size and amenities. Swimmers can enjoy riding a jet ski that can be rented during day time. It also has slides for kids and a restaurant within the premises giving you a complete family beach experience.