Top 5 Beaches in Butuan - Philippines

Tubay Beach

Considered as the most visited and popular beach in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, Tubay Beach takes pride in its serene waters and its accessibility to the city proper. People who will visit the beach will not experience boredom traveling to the place for it is just several minutes drive away from the city. Tubay Beach is famous and attractive to those who want serene moments with their loved ones. With its smooth and fine sands, couples can lie down along the shore at night. Aside from being a beautiful beach, some travelers also consider this place as an inviting dive site for there are diverse and alluring coral reefs and marine species beneath the waters of Tubay Beach.

Cubi Cubi Beach

Another beach in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte, that is very ideal for families who want to spend quality and bonding moments with each other is Cubi Cubi Beach. This tourist spot is very accessible to the city proper by various forms of land transportation available in Butuan. Since many tourists visit this place throughout the year, there are a lot of resorts and lodges near the beach. The waters of Cubi Cubi Beach are relaxing and soothing that many people in the city who want to be refreshed always visit this place.

Jabonga Beach

Ranked third in the top 5 beaches in Butuan Philippines, Jabonga Beach is becoming one of the hot spots or most attractive tourist sites in the city. Aside from people who want to take a dip in its relaxing waters, divers also consider this place as an impressive dive spot. Divers can surely enjoy the comforting and refreshing marine species and coral reefs beneath the waters of Jabonga Beach.

Tinago Beach

Another famous beach in Butuan City that people should consider visiting is known as Tinago Beach. Surrounding the beach are numerous stylish hotels and resorts where tourists can sleep if they want to have an overnight stay at this place. There are also cottages and nipa huts at the beach shore for small groups who want to swim in the relaxing waters of Tinago Beach. Furthermore, since the place is situated in the serene area of the city, there are a lot of activities that families can do in the beach.

Vinafor Beach

Hailed as the best dive site in Butuan City, Vinafor Beach takes a spot in the top 5 beaches in Butuan Philippines. For those who want to try and enjoy exciting water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and water skiing, they can always visit this beach. Meanwhile, for people who want to have relaxing, quiet, and memorable time with their loved ones, they can take a walk at the peaceful shore of Vinafor Beach at night.