Top 5 Beaches in Bacolod - Philippines

Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles, and one of the reasons for this is that it is the entryway for some breathtaking beaches. Here are the top 5 beaches in Bacolod, any of which can satisfy your needs and more than live up to your expectations.

La Vista Del Mar

La Vista Del Mar is Spanish for the view from the sea, and no name is more appropriate for this gorgeous beach.

Standing over its refined sand, one can admire the blue sky and the scattered clouds that gather about it. Meanwhile the mesmerizing sea beckons you to go for a swim. For a good time with your friends or loved ones, La Vista Del Mar is the place to head to.

Isla Puti

Isla Puti means white island, and it is a well chosen name, as the island is surrounded by some of the most faultless and spotless white sands in Negros.

Not only is Isla Puti a haven for swimmers, but it is also the perfect site for divers too, as its waters contain some of the most varied and colorful coral reefs in the archipelago. There are also an astonishing array of planktons and marine life waiting to be discovered beneath its waters.

Sipalay Beach

This is far from Bacolod but worth a mention...

Sipalay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bacolod and the province and today is frequently the site of beach parties and frolicking in the sand.

As the popularity of Sipalay Beach grows year by year, season by season, beach resorts have sprung around the area. There are also a lot of underwater attractions to be seen, with myriad forms of fish, seahorses, nudibranches and more.

Antulang Beach

This is far from Bacolod but worth a mention...

Antulang Beach will mesmerize you as soon as you step across its shores, owing to its mix of excellent sand and immaculate waters.

Swimming in Antulang Beach is a revitalizing experience, but so is watching the sunrise and sunsets across the shore. Because the hues and shades are always changing, each trip to this fascinating beach will always generate a new experience.

Punta Ballo Beach

Whether you prefer to swim in its untainted waters or watch the luminescent display in the afternoon skies, Punta Ballo never fails to captivate people.

Apart from bathing and swimming, Punta Ballo Beach is also attracting a lot of scuba divers, as the exotic marine life, plant life and corals make for an exciting adventure. If you want to go diving here, be sure to bring a camera, as the sights are amazing.

The beaches in Bacolod once again showcase the natural beauty that has made, and continues to make this city famous the world over. If swimming is your idea of a good time, be sure to drop by the City of Smiles.