Top 5 Beaches Close to Manila - Philippines

Batangas is just 2 to 3 hours from Manila, and several Batangas Beaches can prove very satisfactory even for people with discriminating preferences where beaches are concerned. Here are top 5 beaches close to Manila-Philippines found in Batangas.

Matabungkay Beach

Lian, Batangas is proud of its popular Matabungkay Beach which is a favorite among local and foreign tourists. Aside from the playful but gentle waves and the refreshing strong sea breeze, Matabungkay is also famous for the bamboo rafts rented out to bathers and snorkelers who want to venture a little further out into deeper portions of the sea. The rafts are also good for picnicking several meters off shore.

Calatagan Beaches

Hectares of fish ponds beside the seaCalatagan, Batangas is known for this. Some resorts in Calatagan have swimming pools adjoining the sea to give guests the choice of enjoying the pool, the sea, or both. And with the abundance of milk fish in vast ponds, grilling fish along the shore is an added bonus to supplement the fun of enjoying the cool and gentle waters of Calatagan beaches. Colorful fishing boats also dominate the seascape and some are made available to tourists who wish to roam the shorelines for a fee.

Bauan Beaches

The town of Bauan, Batangas takes pride in its several quality beaches good not only for bathing but also for water sports like snorkeling and diving. The Portulano Dive Resort is one. It has an ideal beach front and coastline conducive for good and satisfying dives. Bauan affords good sites for enjoying the cool and gentle waves of the azure South China Sea and ample grounds of fine sandy beaches for sun bathing, leisurely walking, frolicking, and picnicking. Consider Bauan among the top 5 beaches close to Manila-Philippines.

San Juan Beaches

For a very picturesque and soothing view of the cerulean sea, try the beaches in San Juan, Batangas. The soft, fine sandy beaches that stretch along the coast have been harnessed by beach resorts for a better appreciation of the pristine beauty of the sea. Visit the Acuatico Beach Resort or Eastern Resort and Cottages for instance, and see why distress from a frenzied city life can easily be dispelled the moment one sets foot on a San Juan beach front. San Juan beaches should be an item when looking for top 5 beaches close to Manila-Philippines.

Kabayan Beach

Looking for a super affordable but quality beach near Manila? This beach in Batangas ought to do it. Kabayan Beach Resort offers all the relaxation and fun imaginable at a beachclear water, gentle waves, fine and clean sand, comfortable amenities for sun bathing, some water sports, picnicking, and cooking, and it even has a swimming pool for alternative bathing. This place ought to be in the top 5 beaches close to Manila-Philippines and highly recommendable to tourists.