Activities in Sorsogon - Philippines

Although not as well known as Boracay or Puerto Galera, the tourist attractions in Sorsogon are just as captivating. There are numerous places to visit and adventures to experience, and the following are some of the most enjoyable.

Watch for the Whale Shark

If you are only going to do one thing in Sorsogon, then that better involve going to Donsol and go watch for the whale shark, known locally as the butanding. These behemoths of the sea ((some over 60 ft long) are actually gentle giants. You may have seen them in pictures or on TV, but there is nothing like being in the water and being right next to one.

Go Island Hopping at Matnog

This tourist attraction in Sorsogon can be the jumping off point for some of the most exotic islands in the province. Once you get on a banca (boat) you can explore some of the most beautiful islands around it. This includes Tikling Island, which is known for its white sand and also the striking sea shells on its shores; there is also Calitaan Island with its underwater caves and Subic with its pink sand, making this one of the major draws in the area.

Swim at Dancalan Beach

One the most beautiful beaches in the province, Dancalan Beach is becoming famous for its attractive underwater scenery, making it a top choice for lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving. If you love coral reefs, colorful fish and other unique marine life, this tourist attraction in Sorsogon is a good place to stop by.

Head to Mt. Bulusan Park

This natural park is very near to Mt. Bulusan, which makes it one of the frequent destinations for those who love mountain climbing and trekking up nature trails. However, the park itself is not just a gateway. There are lots of flowers here, as well as plants that make it one of the biggest attractions in the area and the country.

Venture into the Bato Limestone Caves

Located in the Bacon District, this cavern is relatively new in terms of being a sightseeing spot, but there is a lot to discover here. The chambers in this cave are among the most picturesque in the province, and the trek there alone can be an adventure into itself. If you want to see the untamed part of the Philippines, this cave, with its hitherto unknown wonders within, should be part of your list of activities.

If you are interested in seeing the numerous tourist attractions in Sorsogon, you had better set aside some time, because as you can see, the places to go and things to do are numerous and will have you coming back again and again.