Top 5 Activities in Samar - Philippines

Tourists and adventurers who are tired of the usual vacation destinations will love Samar, as the island offers more exciting exploits and escapades for both grizzled and novice travelers.

Explore the Sohotan Cave

Less than half an hour from Borongan, the Sohotan Caves constitute one of Eastern Samars major tourist attractions.

There are several caves throughout the island province but the Sohotan Caves are distinct because of the various types of rocks scattered about. The combination of the rugged landscape and unusual rock formations in and around the caves is the reason why it is very popular with trekkers, climbers and rock collectors.

Enjoy the View at the Malbayog-Allen Coastline

If you want the best view of the landscape on the island, you should head off to the town of Viriato which is in the midst of the Calbayog and Allen coast.

The main attraction at Calbayog is the harbor and from there up to the end (which is Allen), you will get to see stunning vistas of the distant mountains, imposing cliffs and hills, and there are also bays with boats all around. Watching this scene during a sunset is absolutely absorbing.

Visit Marabut Marine Park

The Marabut Marine Park features the aquatic life prevalent in the waters, and Samar being a haven for exotic sea denizens, the collection is truly fascinating.

The fish collection is one of the most extensive on the island, and there are also several types of coral reefs on display. Even better, the place is located near San Bernardino Strait, presenting you with a lovely view which you can enjoy while savoring the food at the restaurant there.

Head to Homonhon Island

Historical markers flourish in Samar, yet there are few that can match Homonhon Island, for it was here that Ferdinand Magellan first stepped on Philippine shores.

The island itself is quite small, but the view around it is quite beautiful, and of course, there is a sense of history that you can feel once in the area, knowing that it was here when the famed explorer first set foot in the archipelago.

Samar Archaeological Museum and Research Center

For even more historical facts about Samar, you can go to the Samar Archaeological Museum where priceless artifacts can be seen.

The collections stored in the building are wide-ranging, with relics dating from the Spanish conquest, and also from the tribes and inhabitants of the land before they came. There are jars, religious paraphernalia and bowls of different types. Some of them date well over a hundred years prior to the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan.

The top 5 activities in Samar list has made plain there is more to this island province than meets the eye, and thrills and fascinating journeys await you.