Top 5 Activities in Puerto Princesa - Philippines

Puerto Princesa is a bustling commercial center and stopover point for trips to nearby islands and provinces. But with its many adventure opportunities, natural wonders, restaurants and festivals, the provincial capital of Palawan has become more than just a stopoverit is now a favorite travel destination.

Puerto Princesa is sprinkled with a myriad of basic and upscale dining places and accommodations that cater to both shoestring and extravagant tourists. Visitors make the most of their long and short stays in this eco-friendly city by getting different kinds of tour packages, which are easy on the budget. From diving and snorkeling to mountain climbing and observing wildlife, the peaceful Puerto Princesa offers a wealth of fun-filled activities.

Whether you are first-time visitor or a returning tourist, you will find this list of the top 5 activities in Puerto Princesa Philippines very handy.

Exploring the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers plenty of exciting pursuits that will amaze even the most apathetic tourist. The famous Underground River, which is said to be the longest passable river in the world, winds through a marvelous cave that is home to thousands of bats. There are many spectacular cave systems in the park, some of which are Lions Cave, Daylight Hole and Kawili Cave. The river leads to some of the islands beautiful white-sand beaches that are ideal for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.

Wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy seeing various bird species, squirrels, monitor lizards and monkeys that inhabit the forest of the Subterranean River National Park, which has a very rich mountain-to-sea ecosystem. Forest lovers and environmentalists will find the mangrove forests and nature trails simply delightful.

Island hopping in Honda Bay

Sun and sand activities are perfect on the Honda Bay islands, and the tranquil environment is ideal for that much-needed unwinding. The patches of sand and coral are nice to look at, but the islands are even more beautiful. All of the islands are worth visiting since each of them offers something special. Island hopping in Honda Bay is among the top 5 activities in Puerto Princesa Philippines.


Puerto Princesa is not as commercialized as its neighboring provinces. But the fact that many of its areas are left untouched attracts more and more tourists every year. Divers, in particular, flock to Puerto Princesa Bay to experience a unique underwater adventure amidst the slopes, walls, corals and stunning marine creatures. The dive sites in this area are White Beach, Red Cliff, The Lighthouse, Crossing, Putol Na Ilog, Petes Reef, Galos Wall and Tablehead. Diving is the third among the top 5 activities in Puerto Princesa Philippines.

Mountain Climbing

A trek to Cleopatras Needle involves crossing streams and rivers, reaching quiet fields and getting a panoramic view of Puerto Princesa. The Karst Mountains or limestone and marble cliffs in Cabayugan and Tagabinet are geological wonders that must be visited with trained tour guides. Mountain climbing is among the top 5 activities in Puerto Princesa Philippines.

Touring the City Proper

Touring the cultural sites in the city proper wraps up the top 5 activities in Puerto Princesa Philippines. The Palawan Museum, Immaculate Conception Cathderal and Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm are some of the famous city attractions.