Top 5 Activities in Puerto Galera - Philippines

Puerto Galera is a place where beauty is graciously hidden. The scenic attractions of the place are really wonderful and worth visiting. If you want to spend your vacations and holidays in a place where beauty is truly seated, visit Puerto Galera. If youre going on a trip that you will surely enjoy, consider the top 5 activities in Puerto Galera - Philippines.

Environment Sightseeing

Getting to visit Puerto Galera is not complete if you havent explored the different scenic view of the place. Be attracted with its unique beaches and several natural springs and falls. Different species of flowers and animals are seen in different corners of the place. The historical landmark of the Cross at Muelle is really eye catching with the marble cross that refreshes the ancient battle period.

Beach hopping

If the Philippines has something to offer the world, the several beaches of Puerto Galera could be one of the countrys pride. It has been known worldwide that the beaches of Puerto Gallera are one of the worlds beautiful beaches. Many tourist, visitors, and native of the lands are fascinated by the place because of its exceptional beauty that perfectly fits the beach trip of any person. Well-known beaches in Puerto Galera include White Sand Beach, La Laguna, Sabang, and Talipanan beach. Every beach provides its own reasonable accommodation and cottages.

Water Sports

Many men and sports minded people visit the beach to try out the waves either for surfing or kayaking. If youre looking for the best place to fix your surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking skills, visit Puerto Galera the soonest time possible. The place is seen to have huge and exciting waves that draw aquatic competitors and novice learners to visit Puerto Galera. Several shops and boutiques also sell different aquatic gears and stuffs. This only proves that Puerto Galera has the guts to show off its oceanic pride.


The Punta Guardia beach in Puerto Galera is a good retreat place for individuals or group of people who wanted to unwind from the noisy crowd and busy life. The place will provide you privacy and peace of mind. The beach is situated in Puerto Galera, Occidental Mindoro.

Nature Trips

Tamaraw Falls are cascading waterfalls that directs to a grand fall with a bubbly water bed. This attracts passers-by with great admiration because of its 423 foot height located along the roadside. Although the place is reached after 2 hours of travel from Puerto Galera proper, the effort is worth the experience. Tamaraw Falls is truly a natures gift to Puerto Galera.

Be amazed and know why people are mesmerize by the beauty of Puerto Galera. The villagers of Puerto Galera are known for their hospitality and being friendly to visitors and tourists.