Top 5 Activities in Ormoc - Philippines

One of the major cities in Leyte, Ormoc for the longest time has been viewed as an agricultural center. Today however, it is gaining recognition for the various tourist attractions in the vicinity which provide visitors with an abundance of activities to engage in.

Visit the Pineapple Plantation

The most popular product of Ormoc is the pineapple, and in Barangay Hibunawon are the plantations where the fruit is planted.

Occupying over 200 hectares it is the primary source of the Queen Pineapple, the name given to the variant that is cultivated in the province, which is of the highest quality. Besides the beautiful scenery, a tour of the place also offers opportunities for you to see just how this tasty fruit is produced and how the quality is maintained.

Explore the Leyte Golf and Country Club

Leyte is the home of a number of golf clubs and courses, and the Leyte Golf and Country Club is one of the most prestigious.

The course is elegantly designed, fit for causal and serious gamers alike, and the amenities in the club are first rate. Even if you are only a causal player, the view on the course is very soothing, and watching the players play during the afternoons can be a very comforting experience.

Relax in the Centennial Park

This park was developed to give the people in the metropolis a chance to take a break from the rush of city life, and it succeeds admirably.

The opulent and varied greens and trees, combined with the clear and unpolluted skies, has made the Centennial Park the site of choice for families that want to have a picnic or just spend time together.

Explore the Lush Rainforests

When you stay in Ormoc, be sure to reserve some time to visit the beautiful rainforests around the area.

Because Ormoc and Leyte in general are not yet well known tourist spots, the forests and jungles here are still unspoiled and remain in pristine condition. As you make the trek youll come across stunning scenes of natural beauty. From exotic vegetation to an assortment of wild animals and birds, it is something that is best experienced than described.

See the Tongonan Hotsprings

A major source of the growing economical strength and clout of Ormoc are its geothermal power plants, most of which are found at Tongonan.

Although it serves a vital function in terms of producing power and energy, the place is also renowned for its scenic natural landscape and is well worth an excursion, inasmuch for the setting as well as learning how the power plants work and function.

A single trip is not sufficient to uncover the beauty and wonder of the city. As these top 5 activities in Ormoc shows, there are a thousand and one delights that await you here.