Top 5 Activities in Makati - Philippines

Makati City Philippines is popular as the financial center of the country. It is home to the Makati Stock Exchange Center. There are also several buildings here where most embassies and companies have offices. It also is the place where some of the richest in the Philippines live. It is perhaps the most progressive and modern city in the Philippines with several skyscrapers and malls. There are many things you can do when you visit Makati and below is just five of the best things you can do.

Visiting the Catholic Churches

Makati also has several churches. One of them is the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. The church exudes the architecture famous during the Spanish era. It has still the same designs with some restorations made. It was first built in 1620. Another famous church where many rich and politicians get married is the Santuario de Antonio Church. This church has a magnificent altar and there is a wedding held here almost everyday. The third church you should see and visit is the Nuestra Senora de Gracia in Guadalupe. This is perhaps one of the oldest churches in the Philippines today. It displays the Doric type of architecture with big buttresses as its main support. It was first finished in 1629.

Visiting the Museums and culutural centers

Makati has several art galleries or museums you may want to visit. You will see works of some of the national artists of the Philippines. You can first visit the Ayala Museum. This museum is along the Makati Avenue. They have beautiful windows of the history of the Philippines shown in diorama which shows small replicas of how Filipinos lived back then. The second museum is the Museum of Makati in the Poblacion Street. This is the museum of the municipality of Makati. It focuses on showing relics and artifacts from Makati's rich history and some regions of the Philippines. The third popular cultural place is the Thomas Jefferson Center. This was built in 1945.This place has a big library and a small amphitheater where some ballet groups perform and some plays are also held. Ayala Center

Shopping and dining in Makati

Makati is a modern city. It is filled with malls here and there. You can choose from many shopping malls.You can even mall hop in this area. The malls are SM Makati, Landmark, Rustans and Glorietta. You can reach each mall by crossing one after another. They are practically neighbors. The malls also have some of the best restaurants in Metro Manila so after a day of shopping or window shopping you can eat and rest in the restaurants. There are major fast food chains inside the malls too like Mc Donalds and Jollibee. There are times when these malls have a mall wide sale that happens until midnight and the place gets packed with people taking opportunity of the bargains. Another thing you can do is watching the movies in the cinemas inside the malls. The cinemas in SM and in Greenbelt One are cheaper than the cinemas in Greenbelt Three. Some movies are shown in the Philippines just a few days after it was shown in the United States.

Enjoying your stay in top hotels

Makati is also the place where you can find some of the best hotels in the Philippines. You can stay here and enjoy all the amenities they have to offer including the spa and their health clubs. Some of them include Makati Shangri-la and The Peninsula Manila Hotel.

Partying the night away

This is another activity you can do in Makati. Makati has a vibrant night life. It is full of clubs and bars where some working adults come after their busy days. Every Friday many people go to Greenbelt where some coffee shops are found and most of the clubs hold great parties.