Top 5 Activities in Leyte - Philippines

Leyte has always been popular among history buffs, but there are other things that you can do while in the province. Before you go there, here is a guide to help you decide which places to go to.

the MacArthur Landing Memorial

Leyte of course, will always be linked to General MacArthur, and the statues at Red Beach commemorate his return.

The beach is lovely in its own right, with the pure sands and the lovely resorts in the vicinity, but the figures there are obviously the real crowd drawers. All the figures in the lagoon, including that of General MacArthur, stand over 10 ft tall. It is also in the area where an annual reenactment of the Leyte landing takes place.

Cross the San Juanico Bridge

The San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge not just in the island province, but in the Philippines. It is also one of the most historical and beautiful.

Traversing this famous bridge you will not just get a sense and feel of its importance; as you cross it you will also be greeted by the site of beautiful islets and also the lovely San Juanico Strait, where you can admire the tranquil waters.

Visit the Heritage Museum

The province has produced a number of outstanding works and you can view a lot of them, and more, at the Heritage Museum in Tacloban.

Among the most popular artworks there are the Stations of the Cross, and there are also outstanding art pieces depicting figures from Philippine mythology. There are also other paintings by some of the greatest Filipino artists from all over the country which are displayed there. In addition there are other items in the museum that give insights into the history of the province and the major developments that helped shape its history.

Trek along the Mahagnao National Park

Apart from its historical landmarks, the province is also well known for its natural beauty, and you can view some of this splendor when you go trekking in Mahagnao National Park.

This is a mountain trail excursion, and among the spots you will get to visit are Lake Danao, Lake Casudsu-ran and Malagsum. As you pass the rivers you will come across some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country, including Guinaniban Falls.

Of course there are the lush rainforests where butterflies, deer, monkeys, wild boars and an assortment of other exotic wildlife will greet you. Since a majority of these forests have been declared as reserves, expect to see a range of other unique animals there, and also an assortment of plants and flowers.

See the Stations of the Cross

Religion plays a vital part in Filipino life, and in Leyte this devotion is depicted vividly in the Stations of the Cross over Tacloban.

These sculptures, totaling 14, depict the Biblical events in detail, and they all culminate at a statue, 18 ft high, of Christ. As expected, this has become a popular place for pilgrims. The devotees do not just come from the Philippines, but also draws the faithful from other parts of the world. Not far from the area are several stalls where you can purchase religious items and other souvenirs.

These top 5 activities in Leyte guide is only the start, because as you explore this island province, you will discover even more fascinating sites to explore and venture to.