Top 5 Activities in Legazpi - Philippines

Legazpi is a city teeming with life and there a lot of fun filled activities that you can do, as can be seen from the list below.

Visit Mayon Volcano National Park

Of course, any visit to Legazpi will involve a trip to Mayon Volcano, one of the most famous in the world, and the best place to do it is the National Park.

The Mayon Volcano National Park covers an area of over 50 sq km. Aside from a trek up the famous volcano, there are other attractions at the site, including several plantations of abaca as well as hot springs. There are also places where you can get fresh vegetables and the famous Pili nuts.

Watch Whalesharks

60 minutes away from Legazpi is the town of Donsol, the best place in the world to catch the whaleshark, known locally as butanding.

Whalesharks are mammals, and the name is actually a misnomer as these creatures are very friendly, feeding only on planktons. One of the advantages of watching them in Donsol is that not only are they numerous but these animals also come near the shore.

Tour the Casagwa Ruins

In the course of its history, Mayon Volcano has caused destruction, but nowhere is it more apparent than in the ruins of Casagwa.

By heading to the town of Daraga, you will come across what remains of Casagwa. In 1814, Casagwa was a prosperous town but the volcano suddenly exploded sending columns of smoke, lava and lahar flow straight into the town, killing over a thousand people and obliterating everything in its path. What can be seen now are only the remains.

Take a Hike at Lignon Hill

Near Barangay Bogtong you will find this quaint little tourist spot, which has been a long time favorite of local and foreign tourists.

There are a number of things that you can do in Lignon Hills. You can go jogging, or strolling and enjoy the view around you. Or you can make the trek up the top and see the beauty of the Gulf of Albay and Mayon Volcano.

Go to Albay Wildlife and Park

Legazpi City is the home of some of the most exotic and endangered species in the Philippines and their sanctuary is the Albay Wildlife and Park.

Once you pay the affordable entrance fee, you will be able to observe several animals, up close as well as various types of flowers and exotic plants. You can also have your pictures taken there.

As this list of the top 5 activities in Legazpi shows, there are several things that will keep you and your family busy in the city. Not only are these activities fun, but they also allow you to appreciate its history and the beauty of nature as well.