Top 5 Activities in Iloilo - Philippines

Iloilo is known for several things, and if this is your first time to visit the city, you might be wondering exactly what kind of things you will be able to do. Here is the list of the top 5 activities in Iloilo that you can perform with your friends and family.

St. Annes Church

The city has several fine churches, but the shrine built in honor of St. Anne is the one that never fails to draw attention.

Built during the early 1800s, the Church of St. Anne is known for its architecture, which are reminiscent of the Gothic style used in Europe. However the material used to built it were coral rocks. The other part where the shrine distinguishes itself is that the images are all of female saints, a feature that is truly unique.

Tour of Old Downtown Iloilo

The Spanish influence on Iloilo life and architecture can be seen in various ways, and nowhere is it more apparent than in JM Basa Street or Calle Real.

The sightseeing attractions at Calle Real are the shops and buildings, a majority of which were constructed during the American occupation in the early 1900s. Some of them were built during Spanish times, and a few can still be seen today.

Visit Plazoleta Gay

The historical landmarks in Iloilo are not limited to the ancient past, as the Plazoleta Gay can attest to.

The Plazoleta Gay refers to the obelisk situated right in the middle of downtown Iloilo, where a little dove can be seen on top of it. It was at this spot that the Ilonggos made their stand against the dictatorship during the mid 1980s.

Learn a Little History at the Museo Iloilo

The richness and glory of Iloilos history is best appreciated by making a stopover at the Museo Iloilo, one of the finest and most comprehensive in the province.

Among the numerous exhibits in the Museo are relics from various chronological periods, from the Ati tribes who settled in the province centuries ago, to artifacts from Spanish times to the American occupation. Furthermore there are also several works of art made by the finest local artists in the area.

Chameleon Butterfly Garden

The beauty of nature is prevalent in various parts of Iloilo and this is exemplified in the Chameleon Butterfly Garden.

Situated in Possi City, the sanctuary showcases the most varied and colorful butterflies in the country. Here you get the chance to see these amazing creatures, and at the same time learn more about their habits and behavior thanks to the valuable info provided at the site.

Iloilo is a city where you get to indulge in various activities that are both exciting and educational, making a sojourn to this province truly meaningful.