Top 5 Activities in General Santos - Philippines

General Santos has joined the ever expanding list of tourist destinations in the Philippines. This really should not be surprising, because the sightseeing spots in and around this lovely suburb are truly exceptional.

Explore Kalaja Karst

General Santos may be a bustling city, but its natural wonders are second to none, especially the reserve known as the Kalaja Karst.

Some 15 km from Barangay Conel, the Kalaja Karst is best described as an all in one natural reserve with a little bit of everything. For trekkers and rock climbers, there are formidable rock formations all around. There are also gorgeous waterfalls and lakes. The centerpiece is a cave featuring a body of water hidden deep inside it.

Take a Swim at Gumasa Beach

Gumasa is a couple of hours away from the city proper, but it is well worth making the trip because of the lovely beach.

Gumasa Beach features some of the most beautiful sands in the archipelago, and the untainted waters are perfect for swimming with your friends and family. There are also several resorts nearby which can make your stay even cozier and more pleasurable.

Tuna Festival

Tuna is the most famous product of General Santos, so it probably comes as no surprise that there is a festival held to celebrate it every year.

The Tuna Festival takes place every September, and features several cooking contests, trade shows, dancing and also stunning floats on parade. All of the festivities, of course, are based on the same theme, which is to focus on the various ways that the dish can be produced and served.

Journey to Mt Matutum

At an imposing 7,600 ft (more than 2,000 meters), Mt Matutum will present an exciting and formidable challenge to all rock climbing fanatics everywhere.

Going up Mt Matutum can be a demanding but exhilarating adventure, and the reward for such an effort will be a fantastic view of the surrounding plains. If you prefer not to go climbing, the environment in which it is set, complete with luxuriant vegetation, makes for an ideal trekking destination.

Drop by the Kalsangi Golf Course

For a more relaxing time, the Kalsangi Golf Course offers accommodations and facilities that will entice travelers.

Apart from the opportunity to play a few rounds of golf, there is also a restaurant where you can partake of the very best in local and international cuisine. Besides other first class amenities, the general location provides the perfect starting point to go trekking or mountain climbing.

This is just a sampling of the things you can do and see, but this list of the top 5 activities in General Santos will aid you in getting the most of your stay there.