Top 5 Activities in Cebu - Philippines

Cebu is a good place to visit in the Philippines. This city is in the south of the Philippines.There are many things you can do in Cebu that will make your stay in this city very memorable for you and your family or friends.

Sightseeing Cebus landmarks

MandaueMactan Bridge - This was built in 1972. This connects Cebu and the island of Mactan. You can enjoy the view from this landmark.

Plaza Independencia - This is a famous place where locals hang out on a weekend. Years ago many acacia trees can be found here.

Osmena Park - This is a park with a round shape where a fountain is built in the center. This is a place where your children can play and you can have your photos taken here. This place was named after the former President Sergio Osmena.

Tops - This is a hotel built on top of a hill in the town of Busay. You can see the whole of the city of Cebu from this place. Today there are several stores where you can take a break and eat. Many people also have their picnic here.

Rediscovering Nature

Family Park - This park is built in the Nasipit water reservoir. It gives many families another alternative in having a recreation that is closest to the city. This is a twenty hectare place where there are many trees and they have a mini zoo where you can find animals like birds and monkeys.
b.Mountain View Natures Park This is another park in Busay. It is also a park that overlooks the whole city. You can find this close to the flower gardens. They have a small zoo and some accommodations.

Crocolandia - This is another place you can visit with your family and friends in Talisay. The major attraction here is a small zoo and a garden. It has an area where you can have a picnic, restaurant and a souvenir shop. They also have a sanctuary featuring butterflies. They also feature a boating area.

Swimming and Diving in Lovely Beaches

Mactan Island - This is the island of Cebu with many beaches that you can reach within an hour from the city and beaches are just a few minutes away from the airport. Mactan Island is filled with good resorts and hotels where many tourists can stay.

Moalboal Beaches - This is in the southern part of Cebu where there are beaches with white sand too and blue waters. This is also a favorite spot in Cebu among tourists and locals. This is quite farther than Mactan though because you have to travel for more than two hours.

Liloan Beaches - This is on another side of Cebu where there are beaches where you can also enjoy picnicking with your family and friends and swim. Some beaches here have low rental costs for the cottages.

.Malapascua Beach This is a beach in the north of Cebu. The beaches here are comparable to the beach of Boracay. More international tourists are going here to enjoy the beach and more resorts and hotels are being built around the island.

Enjoying the Fiesta

Sinulog Festival - This is Cebus major festival which happens usually every third Sunday of January. This is the biggest festival there. This is done to honor the Infant Jesus , Santo Nio of Cebu. The streets of Cebu gets lined with a lot of people where a grand procession is held and the different towns in Cebu participate by having a parade wearing native costumes and dancing on the streets.


LapuLapu City - This is a place where you can buy the cheapest guitars you can find in the Philippines. The guitars here are also made in good quality.

Ayala Mall and SM Cebu These are the two popular malls today in Cebu. SM is the biggest chain of mall in the Philippines and the mall they have in Cebu is also big with different shops where you can buy almost everything. Ayala Mall is another popular place where friends and families hang out.