Top 5 Activities in Butuan - Philippines

This list of the top 5 activities in Butuan will reveal just how diverse the tourist spots are in the city. Even if you are a veteran traveler, you will find that the things you can do and see in this city are extensive and unique.

See the Balangay (Butuan Boats)

Butuan was already ancient before the Spanish came, and the Balangay is proof of this.

These vessels have been dated by archeologists and historians as far back as the 4th century AD. Not only are they extremely old, but their unusual design and make have led to speculation that their creators may have had contact with other cultures. A look at these vessels will certainly stimulate the imagination.

Climb Mount Mayapay

Butuan will also appeal to nature lovers and trekkers, and if you are into mountain climbing, Mount Mayapay is where you should go to.

At over 2,000 feet, the mountaintop commands an impressive view of the surrounding landscape, but equally impressive is the trek leading up to it. In close proximity to Agusan Valley, there are several types of greens and vegetation in the area, as well as interesting forms of wildlife.

Kahimunan Festival

One of the most colorful of its many fiestas and celebrations, the Kahimunan Festival takes place every third week of January in honor of the Santo Nino, its patron saint.

On the day of the Kahimunan (a word that literally means gathering), the people, dressed in multicolored attire, dance and move to the rhythm of native music. Apart from giving thanks to the Santo Nino, the event showcases the various ornaments and clothing of the local tribes as well as their handicraft and other products.

Take a Tour of Agusan River

Every year the people in the city hold a festival called the Abayan in honor of this river, one of the most storied in the region.

The Agusan River is not just one of the largest in the Philippines but it is also of historical and cultural importance. A tour of the river will showcase not just its natural beauty, but also the communities and settlements around its banks, testament to the vital role it plays in the livelihood of the local folk.

Visit the Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum

One of the major landmarks in the region, the Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum stands as the premiere repository of Christian artifacts.

The building is not just one of the most prestigious museums in the Philippines, but it is also known as the very first in Mindanao to host valuable items and paraphernalia related to Catholicism. In existence for several years, it continues to pull in devotees and pilgrims the world over.

From natural wonders to artifacts, Butuan will provide plenty of activities and sightseeing tours that will certainly fascinate and captivate you.