Top 5 Activities in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay is a palmstudded island that hypnotizes tourists like magnet. The place is famous for its white sand and natural beaches, balmy weather, crystal clear water, and tropical atmosphere. The island is located in the northwestern part of Panay in Western Visayas. The tourism of the place is really admirable for it continuously increases with significant value. The Boracay White Beach is considered to be one of the worlds finest beaches that outstandingly attracts lots of tourists to try the truly amazing Boracay experience.

The place has evolved from a simple tropical beach into a wellrounded tourist spot. In Boracay, theres no dull moment as long as you explore the beauty of the place. Along with the people, Boracay is truly an earthly paradise in the world. Make the most of your beach experience by trying out the top five activities in Boracay Philippines.

Beach Bumming

Tourists primarily visit the place to explore the sugary and white talcum beach and calm azure waters. The butterfly shape island is surrounded by shallow waters with finer sands all over the place. The beach will truly answer your dream for an ultimate tropical get away. Feel the wave of the Boracay boasts.

Aquatic Sports

There are several aquatic sports that could be enjoyed during your stay at Boracay Island. You could try kayaking and sailboating. Try to be competitive while having fun. There are several resorts in the island that offers cool treats for different aquatic sports. If you have the spirit of a diver, you could try to visit the beautiful coral reefs of the place. These beautiful underwater sights will truly amaze anyone who would take a closer look to it. You will have the chance to see different fish species and be able to have a friendly encounter with them. Paraw Regatta is also held in the place and it is considered as one of the most outstanding festival in Boracay.

Nature Tripping

Tourists could also try hiking and mountain biking along the rocky cliffs and island villages. Aside from beaches, Boracay also boasts of its scenic and rocky edges. The place still hides many virgin bays and secluded beaches away from the crowd. This could be the ultimate adventure and private getaway.

Party Hopping

Night life in Boracay is really hot and romantic. All party hoppers enjoy the aura and ambiance of the night. There are lots of bands that play everybodys kind of music. They range from reggae, romantic, to R B bands. Alcohol mix is really delicious with a taste of the party mood. Socialize with the crowd as Boracay gives you the best nightlife in town.

Getting Tattoos and Braids

If your trip includes getting henna tattoos, then Boracay is the best place for your. Tattoo artists are spotted in the corner and they await you to try their art. Choose your own design and let it be painted on your skin. If you want to have that Bob Marley look, get your hair braided.

There are still many activities worth trying around the Boracay Island. Get to feel the real tropical experience that comes with this unique place. Dare to try the Top 5 Activities in Boracay Philippines.