Top 5 Activities in Bohol - Philippines

Bohol is a natural paradise. From cute and intriguing tarsiers to playful and shining dolphins, from sunbathing on whitesand shores to exploring cool waterfalls, Bohol offers many opportunities for exciting adventures and weekend getaways.

While there are many thrilling things to do in touristflocked Bohol, seeing the popular Chocolate Hills, encountering valuable tarsiers, watching playful dolphins, living on the seashore, and going to waterfalls are terrific funfilled activities for tourists with tight and unlimited budgets.

Experience the top 5 activities in Bohol Philippines and know why Bohol is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country.

Visiting the Chocolate Hills

If you have time to visit only one tourist spot in Bohol, make it the Chocolate Hills. Visiting the Chocolate Hills is an experience like no other that is why it's on this list of the top 5 activities in Bohol Philippines. Book a trip to these wonderful hills as part of a day tour or make your own separate itinerary. Youngsters and adults will enjoy looking at and taking pictutres of these stunning mounts. Although the Chocolate Hills are a sight to behold any time of the year, it is best visited during summer when the heat turns the hills chocolate brown.

Meeting the Philippine Tarsier

Visiting the Philippine Tarsier Foundation is both entertaining and educational that is why meeting one of the worlds smallest known primates is among the top 5 activities in Bohol Philippines. The Philippine Tarsier is under protection because of its decreasing population. Know more about the endearing Philippine Tarsier and find out how you can help save these endangered species by visiting them in Bohol.

Watching Playful Dolphins

When you are in Bohol, never pass up the opportunity to join a dolphinwatching tour aboard a banca. Watching dolphins makes it to the top 5 activities in Bohol Philippines. You will certainly have fun under the sun, snapping photographs of these lovely sea creatures. A dolphinwatching tour will also teach you a thing or two about local wildlife conservation efforts.

Living by the Beach

Bohols breathtaking beaches are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving and a range of water sports. Resorts vary from the budget to the upscale, so there is always somewhere to stay for every kind of tourist. Beachfront accommodations are highly recommended because of stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere. Little children will have fun making sand castles and swimming in the shallow waters, as older visitors will enjoy exploring the deeper parts of the sea. You will enjoy snorkeling in Bohol as it exposes you to the abundant marine life. One of the popular locations is Panglao Island, where you will find the following beaches: Alona, Dumaluan, Bikini, Momo and Doljo. Living by the beach is one of the top 5 activities in Bohol Philippines.

Exploring Waterfalls

There are many waterfalls in Bohol, some more difficult to reach than others. Ask the locals about safe and easily accessible waterfalls where you could relax and enjoy a day in the water. Indulge in cool and clean natural pools that are hidden from the hustling and bustling areas. Swimming right beside waterfalls is a musttry, thrilling adventure for all Bohol visitors. Exploring waterfalls is among the top 5 activities in Bohol Philippines.