Top 5 Activities in Angeles City - Philippines

The things you can do in Angeles are as rich and varied as the history of the city itself. Here is a guide to some of the fun activities that you can do with your friends and family.

A Trek to Mount Pinatubo

Rising from adversity has always been a trademark of the city, and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of Mount Pinatubo, which has now become one of its top tourist attractions.

After the eruption the volcano has become the premiere destination for trekkers and adventure seekers. There are two ways you can make this excursion. The first is getting on a 4 wheel drive, giving you the chance to admire the landscape around you. Your goal is the lake at the crater, and also the pools at Sitio Tarukan.

An alternative is to go on an aerial voyage, from which you can see the ways in which the pyroclastic and lahar flow rearranged the landscape of the surrounding area.

TigtiganTerakan Qing Dalan Festival

Taking place in the final week of October, the name TigtiganTerakan Qing Dalan is translated to singing and dancing in the streets. It is held at Balibago district, and the festivities include dancing and partying in the streets and restaurants, and there are also shows and concerts featuring local artists. There are also stalls and shops where you can get food and drinks.

Shop at the Apu Marketplace

If you are in the mood for shopping for affordable items and souvenirs, be sure to drop by the Apu marketplace.

As part of the celebration of the Christ image in the city chapel, a mass is held every Friday. In line with the services, there are several stores and shops that are setup near the shrine where you can buy for cheap everything from clothes to knickknacks to food. This goes on until 12 midnight and resumes the next Friday.

Go Karting at Clark

If you are in the mood for some racing, head over to Clark and get the ride of your life at the kart race tracks there.

The fees are very affordable and the vehicles themselves are well designed so you will definitely feel your pulse move along, perfect for speed racing buffs. Besides karting, there are a number of other places you can visit at Clark, including Fort Stotsenburg, the former US Air Force base, the Expo Filipino, the Clark Museum and you may also watch or participate in the hot air balloon contests held there regularly.

Bayanihan Park

Bayanihan Park is where you go to for a combination of rest, relaxation and also a little bit of sports as well.

While you can relax in the midst of all soothing scenery, you can also play in the basketball courts, and there are also spaces devoted to flying kites, and there are also frequent bazaars you can visit.

With this rundown of the top 5 activities in Angeles City, you will now understand why this place has been called the entertainment capital of northern Luzon.